All Of NYCHA Tenant Association Presidents From His District Endorse Restler For Council

All Of NYCHA Tenant Association Presidents From His District Endorse Restler For Council
Lincoln Restler is running to represent the East River neighborhoods of Brooklyn in the City Council District 33. Campaign photo.

Today, Lincoln Restler was endorsed by all seven NYCHA tenant association presidents in Brooklyn’s 33rd Council District, Restler’s campaign announced in a new ad, emailed to supporters. Restler announced his candidacy to replace outgoing Councilmember Steven Levin to represent the East River neighborhoods (Boerum Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Downtown Brooklyn, Dumbo, Fulton Ferry, Greenpoint, Vinegar Hill, Williamsburg) last month. He was endorsed by Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez. Levin is term-limited and cannot run for reelection.

District 33 is home to nearly 12,000 NYCHA residents. The 4,000 apartments across the 7 developments, like many others across the city, suffer from crumbling infrastructure, ancient boilers, unreliable elevators, mold, lead, and vermin – the list goes on.

“I am profoundly honored to have the support of each of the NYCHA tenant association presidents in the 33rd district,”  Restler said announcing the endorsement. “These leaders represent the neighbors in our community who most need government to come through for them — and I am going to make that happen. I believe deeply in equity in representation, so as Council Member I will focus more of my time, energy, and resources on centering NYCHA tenants as we work together to transform the unacceptable conditions in our NYCHA developments.”

If elected, Restler plans to ensure that all seven developments undergo comprehensive renovations, create real time online tracking of building conditions and repairs, and to provide ongoing job training programs for NYCHA residents.

Here’s why the NYCHA Tenant Leaders are endorsing him, in their own words:

“I’m endorsing Lincoln for City Council, because I know that he’ll always show up at NYCHA tenant association meetings, he will seize every opportunity to lend a helping hand, and he will never speak when he should be listening. He doesn’t just prioritize us, he trusts us to know what our communities need.” – Joe Ann Brown, President of 572-574 Warren Street Houses Tenant Association

“Lincoln is a doer. He’s been here for us consistently during the pandemic. He shows up time and again whenever we need him. I can always count on Lincoln, and I know that he’ll always deliver for NYCHA residents.” – Edward Tyre, President of Gowanus Houses Tenant Association

“I know firsthand that Lincoln gets the job done. He’s reliable, he listens, and he’s unrelenting in his drive to deliver for NYCHA residents. When he’s elected to City Council, things will change.” – Vivian Legions, President of Berry South 9th Street Tenant Association.

“My endorsement of Lincoln for City Council isn’t based on promises, it’s based on experience. Lincoln has a proven track record — he’s always there, eager to fight for the rights of tenants.” – Joel Gross, President of Jonathan Williams Plaza Tenant Association

Restler (left) with Vivian Legions(Right) and Taurean Lewis, president and vice president of Berry South 9th Houses, recording the message. Campaign photo.

“There’s not a time that I’ve called Lincoln that he hasn’t shown up. He’s the right choice for our community, because he’s doing the job of a City Council member before he has it. Lincoln is a fighter, and I know we have a fighter standing behind us. ” – Valerie Bell, President of Wyckoff Gardens Tenant Association

“Lincoln is the real deal. During the pandemic, Lincoln secured thousands of kosher and non kosher pantry bags, masks, and hand sanitizer for our community. I have known Lincoln for many years and I know he will be a great Council Member because he shows up, he works hard, and he always does it with a smile.” – Samuel Guttman, President of Independence Towers Tenant Association

“Lincoln will never be afraid to challenge NYCHA. When we need action to fix our elevators or get repairs done in our apartments, I know Lincoln will always find a way to get results. He has long been a friend to our community, and I am excited to work with him as our Council Member.” – Juda Schlesinger, President of Taylor-Wythe Houses