Alarming Southern Brooklyn COVID – 19 Numbers, Again

Alarming Southern Brooklyn COVID – 19 Numbers,  Again

The city’s COVID-19 positivity rate exceeded 7% for the third straight day by its own count, though not all tests have yet been processed. The 7-day average based on NY State data stands at 4.6%, and will undoubtedly go up.

Mayor did not hold a press conference today, despite all the controversy with the unauthorized vaccination by ParCare clinic with offices across Brooklyn, of residents that are not currently entitled to be vaccinated.

NYS Attorney General Tisch James will be investigating and Governor Andrew Cuomo promised fines of $1 million for unauthorized vaccinations earlier today.

“My office is launching an investigation into ParCare over allegations that it wrongfully distributed and administered COVID-19 vaccines,” AG James said in a statement. “In order for the vaccine to be most effective in protecting our communities, we must all follow the same distribution plan. We will not tolerate any attempts to circumvent that process.”

Parts of Brooklyn are recording much higher positivity rates among those tested – Sheepshead Bay, Sunset Park, and Midwood are showing up positive at twice the city’s and Brooklyn’s average rates. Brooklyn’s 7 day confirmed average rate is 5%, yesterday’s positives were at 6.8% – 1,034 neighbors received the unwelcome news of a positive COVID19 test.

You can take a closer look at the state’s data here and the city’s data here, below are some screenshots from today’s numbers.

Brooklyn took all but five of the top 14 spots in infection rates across the city last week (12/19-12/25 for which data has been finalized) based on the city’s own data:

We lead in absolute numbers as well: 9 out of the top 14 zip codes reporting the greatest numbers of infected residents are in Brooklyn:

You can find these charts and check data for your zip code here. If you want data that is population-adjusted, take a look at the NYT tracker here. The basic trends hold.