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Aladdin Restaurant To Replace Garden Bay Cafe


Signs went up over the weekend advertising Aladdin, a new restaurant at 1788 Sheepshead Bay Road that replaces Garden Bay Cafe.

Garden Bay closed down in September, shortly after an electrical fire ravaged the building.

Thanks to our friends at Arbuz for the tip.

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  1. haven’t you learned anything from that enlightening documentary by that Kazakh journalist Borat Sagdiev?? it’s a known fact that Uzbek’s don’t associate with Kazakhs!

  2. I am guessing that they are leasing the space in which case the water damage would be the landlord’s problem.  Unless of course the moist conditions make an ideal breeding grounds for roach which might be a problem in getting the A rating.


    They just don’t know it yet.

    jeez atleast they could have changed the font a bit….. and not use the exact same one /facepalm

    i give this place….. 2 months till they get a name change.

  4. Absolutely no trademark infringement.  Disney does not own the name Aladdin any more than it owns Snow White or Cinderella.  These are all characters from ancient folk lore that don’t belong to anyone.  Unless the restaurant uses images from the cartoon they have nothing to worry about.

  5. I think the issue more relates to the font coupled with the name and lamp.  The font is certainly trademarked and coupled with everything maybe a dilution claim could be made.  I may need to study up some more the requirements of a dilution claim, but something just seems wrong here. 

  6. Font looks different, please see my post above.  Both fonts just try to look Arabic.  If this place closes it will be cause of the food not the trademark.

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the doesn’t have to be exactly identical.  The problem is the restaurant is drawing on the fame of the movie by using the font, the name, and the name seemingly coming out of or being directly next to the lamp.  Look at the title poster for the movie, it’s almost exactly the same.  While people will not think Disney has anything to do with this, it dilutes the fame of the movie by associating it with a second class restaurant.  

  8. Website bug doesn’t let me respond correctly to your last comment.

    I respectably disagree.  The font looks completely different.  If you look at each letter from poster and sign there is no likeness.  Both fonts look Arabic, but that is expected since Aladdin is an Arabic character.  The lamp is as much a part of the Aladdin story as the crystal slipper is with Cinderella so that’s fine also.  Most  people of our generation will associate Aladdin with the Disney cartoon that is true and I am sure the restaurant owner knows that, but Disney itself used the fame of the Aladdin story to make the cartoon.  Unless the bartender at this place looks and talks like Robin Williams they have nothing to worry about.

  9. Ha, what if Robin Williams was the bartender.  Give me time to go over my outline for my intellectual property final on Monday and I’ll come up with a better response.  I think the fact that the story itself is told before just means that anyone can come up and tell a similar story which would be under copyright law, but under trademark law which concerns itself with marks that draw an observer back to the source of the mark, this appears to be crossing the line.  The fact that the lamp is a part of the story just means a variation of aladdin could be told with the lamp being involved.  Here, the sign just looks so similar to the logo for the movie that any casual observer would make the connection.  This is my preliminary analysis, I’ll read my outline and the cases on trademark and give a better answer later.

  10. Alladin in Staten ISland, which bears the same sign has some really good dishes.  But its  food choices mirror Nargiz and other uzbek places…infused with french cousin.


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