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Ahead Of Sandy, City Orders MANDATORY Evacuation Of Zone A, Including Manhattan Beach, Brighton Beach And Sheepshead Bay


Residents of Manhattan Beach, Brighton Beach and sections of Sheepshead Bay – as well as others living in Evacuation Zone A – are being ordered by city officials to evacuate to safer grounds as Hurricane Sandy approaches.

(Get all the latest Hurricane Sandy-related news, announcements and resources, including live video, at our Hurricane Sandy Resource page.)

Along the southern tip of Brooklyn, Zone A includes all of Manhattan Beach, Brighton Beach and Coney Island, as well as all residences between Emmons Avenue and Shore Parkway. The entire waterfront commercial district of Sheepshead Bay – including all businesses and residences between Ocean Parkway and Ocean Avenue from the water to Avenue X are also in Zone A.

Approximately 250,000 people – in areas including the financial district of Manhattan, all of the Rockaways and huge swaths of Staten Island in additional to local Brooklyn coastal communities – are being required to evacuate.

To get the word out, the city will deploy signage indicating the evacuation at major intersections throughout the city, and are having local police officers pass through every street in the command making announcements by loudspeaker.

Mayor Bloomberg ordered the evacuation during a press conference this morning. It’s the second time in the city’s history such an announcement has been made, the first being in August of 2011 for Hurricane Irene.

Hospitals and critical care centers are not being evacuated, unlike during Hurricane Irene, a decision the Bloomberg administration made in light of the emergency infrastructure these facilities have and the frailty of their patients.

The city’s evacuation centers are now open, allowing residents and their pets a place of refuge. You can find a list of evacuation centers here.

Need to know if you’re in Zone A? You can use this tool from the city, or the interactive map below from WNYC:

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  1. Manhattan Beach and Coney Island was forceably evacuated in 1985 for Hurricane Gloria. Police actually knocked on every door in Manattan Beach telling you to leave. So I believe that makes this the third time.

  2. Nigga please, the last hurricane had the exact same mandatory evacuation bullshit. Fucking carebears, nothing is going to happen. just a little rain.

  3. SICKENING level of fear and limp-wristed crybabyitis going on in NYC these days…when did Americans turn into such a bunch of fearful little sheep? Closing the subway when the storm is nowhere near NYC???

  4. I left last year too. It was a major headache and I’m just not doing that again. Evacuation zone B is literally across the street from me. I’m just saying I’m in zone B and staying in. I stocked up on supplies on Thursday night….so I’m set. Hopefully I’m safe on the second floor or the house.

  5. Just how “mandatory” can this evacuation be if they don’t force you to evacuate and there are no consequences for not doing so? I live on the fifth floor of a huge brick and mortar apartment building that’s not going to be knocked down by anything short of a Tsunami. I’m too disabled to negotiate a shelter comfortably, too heavy for those flimsy cots, and unwilling to be trapped for 2-3 days with a couple of thousand unbathed stressed-out refugees and their screaming children. Of course, if I lose my power, my water, or my cable & internet, I’m outa here.

  6. All of you are both right, and wrong. Those who say you need to leave are right. Those who say “I ain’t leaving” may be right, too. The real problem, as always, is a lack of IQ. The city does not take into account all the variables for any given situation. Is someone living in a shack right at sea level 500 feet from the ocean? Then, if he has any brains, he evacuates. However, if someone is living on the 10th floor of a brick apartment building on Ocean avenue, in the evacuation zone, why the hell should he leave, if he is well-stocked with water and food?

    This is not the case of a dirty nuclear bomb. You don’t have to be shielded in a shelter from the radiation. You don’t have to bunker down for weeks. You just need to sleep through 2-3 days, listen to your battery radio (A “radio” is sort of like an internet device, except instead of 3G or Wi-Fi, it receives radio waves like 3G or Wi-Fi that are broadcast from these things called “Towers” that send out millions of watts of radio frequency energy. There are no gigabyte limits, or monthly charges, and one can listen to it as long as one wants. Worthwhile to get one of these).

  7. going over the events leading up to and after Sandy for a school project really shows how wrong we all were


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