Afternoon Bite: 5th Ave/9th Street Halal Cart

Afternoon Bite: 5th Ave/9th Street Halal Cart
halal cart 5th and 9th

Fall weather always makes us gravitate toward the neighborhood’s warm and cozy lunch options. After walking passed the halal cart on 5th Avenue and 9th Street for the 6,345th time (and thinking how good it smelled), it was time to give it a go.

We’re so glad we did.

chicken and rice

For $6, we walked aways with a gigantic serving of chicken and rice, and 2 cans of soda (it never hurts to have an extra). The portion size was so large that we still had almost half to stick in the fridge for later. The chicken was flavorful, and we fell in love with the white sauce that they put all over the top of the dish.

Pro tip: If your heat tolerance isn’t very high, skip the hot sauce. Yowzah!