After One Year In Business, Sooo Delicious Appears To Have Closed


After one year in business, Sooo Delicious Food Court appears to have closed its doors for good.

We passed by the Bath Beach store — which opened at 1801 Bath Avenue in June 2014 — last week and found that the gates were down. When we called the store today, no one answered the phone.

The brainchild of Nick Abulawi, the former manager of Bay Ridge’s Gino’s Restaurant, and Sam Obeid, who owns a nearby Key Food, Sooo Delicious seemed to be off to a promising start. When our reporter visited the food court in August of 2014, he found a huge selection of “hot items in addition to a fully stocked sandwich, panini and salad station, soup line, frozen yogurt dispensers and sumptuous looking chickens slowly turning on spits.”

If indeed Sooo Delicious is closed for good, we can only speculate why the eatery failed. While owners put a great deal of effort into presentation during our visit, the eatery has since gotten very mixed reviews on Yelp, with many patrons complaining of bland food and burnt coffee. Bath Avenue is also relatively low in foot traffic, making it a difficult location to get a business off the ground.

Either way, losing a lively food establishment like Soooo Delicious is definitely a net loss to the area. We will keep trying to reach the owners and will update you as we know more.