Adorable Kittens Need Shelter From Hurricane!

I was just securing things in my backyard like a good little storm trooper, when I noticed these buggers in the corner. It appears our local stray cat – a beautiful orange striped thing – gave birth to its litter in the past few days. Unfortunately for me, it chose my backyard to do so. I have a cat and cannot take these kittens in. They’re in the corner of my yard and will be exposed when the hurricane comes. We called a shelter and are awaiting a response – but I fear they’re not going to be able to take them in.

The mother is around, too, but she made haste when I disturbed these guys (it’s four or five of them, I think). Anyone who takes them in should be experienced with baby kittens and know what to do. If you can take them in, please call (347) 985-0633 or e-mail nberke [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com.

I really hope someone can give these guys a chance. Thanks.


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