Adoptable Animal Of The Week: Sasha The Dog

Adoptable Animal Of The Week: Sasha The Dog
sasha the dog
Photo via sean casey animal rescue

Looking for a new companion? Sasha has soulful eyes and so much love to give!

Sean Casey says:
“Sasha is a 3-year-old beautiful, brindle pitmix with soulful eyes and so much love to give. She is a diamond in the rough and needs an experienced owner/foster to shine even more brightly! She is smart as a whistle and wants to please and get your love and approval.
But growing up in the shelter, without proper direction and training, has left her a bit confused about boundaries. So, she can get mouthy at times and will confuse humans for dogs to play with which has to be worked on consistently and will require time, patience and understanding of her background.
Nonetheless, she is a love and a very optimistic, happy and energetic dog and will be a joy for an active owner or a couple. Running, biking, hiking — she’s your girl. Her stamina is astonishing and she would do amazing with agility training since she’s very high energy, agile and can jump and flip in the air like no other. She loves the snow and wrestling with other dogs.
That said, she may not be a candidate for the dog park (yet) since she’s quite dominate and not every dog reacts well to a overly confident girl. However, with proper introduction and careful monitoring she plays really well with other dogs her size and bigger. She has shown possessiveness with toys so best to keep toys away when playing with others.
Sasha is loved by the staff and volunteers and she even has her own Facebook page to help her find a home! Come and meet our special girl and fall in love, too!

You can arrange to meet Sasha at the Sean Casey Animal Shelter, located at 153 E 3rd Street, between Fort Hamilton Parkway and Caton Avenue — closest to the F/G to Fort Hamilton Parkway — open daily from 11am to 7pm. For more info, call 347-599-1500. You can also email them at


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