Adopt This Dog, For Crying Out Loud

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So this isn’t the sort of thing I’d normally do, but I’m a real sucker for animals and an even bigger sucker for dogs. A friend of a friend is taking care of this dog at the moment. You should adopt him. He needs you. He’s awesome.

Here’s the info:

Frankie, the English Bulldog, needs a home. He was abused as a puppy (someone broke his leg) and has psychological effects which result in him occasionally biting people that he doesn’t know. He needs an owner who is seriously interested in working with a problematic Bulldog, not someone who just wants him because he has a cute face. If you might be interested, or know anyone who might be interested, please contact: SEAN CASEY ANIMAL RESCUE 718-436-5163

Do it. Now. You’ll be a better person, and he’ll be a better dog.