Accused Of Trying To Run Over Cop, Sheepshead Resident Uses Video To Disprove Lies

At least one officer from the 61st Precinct may be under investigation after surveillance video shed doubt on his arrest of a Sheepshead Bay resident for allegedly trying to run him over.

Three days after he was locked up, John Hockenjos, a 55-year-old East 23rd Street resident, was released on bail last week and his lawyer said his client was falsely arrested and has videotaped evidence of the altercation to prove it.

Hockenjos’ attorney, Craig Newman, told Sheepshead Bites that he had turned copies of the tape over to the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, as well as the NYPD Internal Affairs unit.

While many Brooklynites were getting ready to watch the Super Bowl on February 5, Hockenjos, who is employed by the MTA, was arrested and charged with first and second degree reckless endangerment and reckless driving after police at the scene claimed he attempted to run them over with his car as they stood in his driveway.

The sworn criminal complaint states that Hockenjos drove into his driveway “at a high rate of speed,” which forced Officer Diego Palacios “to jump out of the way to avoid being hit” by the four-door sedan.

The problem is surveillance video from Hockenjos’ home suggests Hockenjos did no such thing.

The video shows Hockenjos slowly pulling into the driveway and stopping several feet away from the officers. Hockenjos and his wife get out of the car to talk to the police. The officer did not budge, as he had claimed.

In the full video, not shown above, Hockenjos begins to unpack his car when another police car shows up. Officers eventually handcuff Hockenjos, though no indication of aggression or reckless driving is seen on the tape.

“In my 20 years of legal experience, I’ve never seem more crystal clear evidence of a false arrest.” Newman told the Daily News.

The police were originally summoned by neighbor Argo Paumere, with whom the Hockenjos’ have had an ongoing property dispute. The police are seen talking with Paumere when the Hockenjoses arrived.

Hockenjos and his wife, Irena, 51, have lived in their house for 14 years, but trouble started two years ago when Argo Paumere moved next door. According to Newman, Hockenjos’ driveway includes a two-foot easement that has become an ongoing feud between the homeowners.

Newman said Paumere has wanted to build a larger house since he moved in and has repeatedly asked Hockenjos to give up the small section of driveway. Hockenjos has refused and the lawyer said it has resulted in numerous calls to the 61st Precinct and his client being “dragged into court numerous times,” stemming from several harassment complaints filed by Paumere.

“But each case has been dismissed,” Newman said, so the dispute persists.

Newman declined to allow Sheepshead Bites to interview the couple citing the “pending criminal matter.”

Hockenjos faces seven years in prison if the charges are not dismissed. Newman said the next court appearance is scheduled for August, but the District Attorney’s office could bring the case back to court sooner if they decide to dismiss it after analyzing the videotape.

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  1. A bad apple does not mean a rotten tree. Unfortunately, it will reflect on the precinct and force as a whole, and I hope the PD is able to prove that this was an isolated incident. And if the arresting officer is indeed found to have falsified information to arrest an innocent man, I hope is held to account for it.

  2. The reflection of the precinct is muddled and cloudy….  and it’s way past due for a cleaning. It has the reputation it does for a reason. Time someone shined a bright light on it.

  3. Only one? I count SIX in the video – and that is what percentage of a shift in that precinct?

    The Justice Department MUST appoint an overseer for that precinct and the entire Department. How many innocent men have had their lives taken, let alone ruined by the despicable, criminals hiding behind the cult of the cop?

    Had it not been for that video, an innocent man faced seven years in prison for parking his car. The loss of his job, legal costs and the loss of his freedom because a crooked cop invented a story. As it is this innocent man spent three days in a NY City jail because this lowlife 61st Precinct cop made up a story.

    This is business as usual with this precinct. I know of several incidents where innocent men were beaten by the them and nearly died. Everything swept under the rug, no criminal charges which is what is likely to happen in this case.  I know of dozens of stories like this one.

    That precinct has been dirty for thirty years. Between payoffs, planting evidence, inventing crimes. They are out of control and only have gotten worse within the last few years.  Now, they refuse to take reports, investigate crimes, look at evidence and even refuse to respond to 911 calls.

    They harass innocent people, chasing 15-year old kids down for walking home. For years the running joke was when you needed a cop, you could find them sleeping on Manhattan Beach. The late night shift consisted of 3 hours sleeping in their squad cars by the water.

    THIS TIME THEY GOT CAUGHT, Let’s see if anyone goes to prison or is at least fired. I highy doubt it… With the Politicians as crooked as Kruger working hand in hand with cops this crooked,  and enough of the Brighton Beach mob – no one is looking to rock the boat. Everyone is washing each others’ back here. Only honest men need fear crooked cops, criminals are all friends

    Never trust a cop. Never give them any information but the name of your attorney.

  4. In this case it seems as if there are 3 bad apples. Officer Paumere, and the 2 lying cops who backed his story.

  5. As the saying goes, a few apples don’t spoil the bunch. Nonetheless, the NYPD and the overprotective PBA must do a better job when it comes to courtesy, professionalism and respect, than it has.
    Where are the activists and others who usually defend citizens “framed” by cops? The sound of silence is defeaning! 

  6. No I was wrong Paumere only called the cops. Which makes the story even more crazy why risk your job to help some guy. Those cops must be friends of Paumere or relatives

  7. One wonders why any police officer would make a false report and arrest a man who has done nothing wrong, knowing the accused could possible spend years in prison. The video shows the accused man did nothing wrong. I wonder how many innocent people are in jail now because they weren’t lucky enough to have a video pointed at them.

  8. No, he’s the complaining neighbor whose harassment claims have been thrown out of court on numerous occasion

  9.  One reason why there should be more video surveillance. If you don’t do anything wrong there is not reason to fear the video and it could ‘literally’ save your life.

  10. F&$%#cking PIGS….f$%#$%cking hate them…I never seek help from these savages, and when I did in the past they would trip over their EGO. Useless piece of trash only know how to harass and issues summons to people in order to generate profit for the city and themselves….SCUM. Respect them for what….that they get so many perks and abuse their power on most occasions. I hope he sues this asshole pig for $$$….i know this coward protected by the city nothing will happen to that son of bitch. I feel for that person……

  11. John Hockenjos please dont let this pig
    go unpunished…..make him loose his job and sue that son of bitch…i tell you
    are lucky….if it was not for that camera you were been locked up for sure and
    your immediate family would be put under stress and financial burden because of
    pigs that were on your driveway

  12. I know that his connection to the cops is unknown. But its safe to say that the cops wouldn’t just file a fake police report unless they had a dog in that fight. Most likely they know him or as you put it he has some connection to an influential group. Although I doubt its city hall

  13. It almost seems like 
    Argo Paumere gave money to cops to falsely arrest  Hockenjos. I mean really.. they were waiting for him. This is horrible if it wasnt for video 
    Hockenjos’s life would have been over, and now he can collect additional income 🙂 good for you mr.

  14. I agree with everything you just said. Now the tables are turned and if there’s any justice in this world that cop will lose everything. Its frightening that, if not for the video, Hockenjos would be locked up for years. 

  15. Thank god he had a video camera. Smart guy. After numerous harrassments from his new neighbor he knew to put the video camera up. Certainly after 14 years in the same residence without any previous complaints should give him some credence. Hes also not the neighbior requesting anything. Hes under no obligation to make changes to the easement or to sell part of his property for a new neighbors expansion. This is complete harrassment.

  16. OMG! You could not imaging who is  John Hockenjos! He is together with his wife
    night matter for entire neighborhood. They decide to take away neighbor’s
    property for using as privet driveway. They store tree cars on neighbor’s
    property and harass Police, Fire and Building Department who try to establish the
    law. They suing neighbors to fight the Deed upfront the Judge. John beaten up
    neighbor women and luckily was caught on surveillance camera; his criminal
    charges against this act on the way. However he had criminal record for harassment
    tenant who lives in his house. Hockenjos family harassing and complaining for
    everyone who coming close to place that should be a driveway, not a privet parking
    lot. Poor cops! No one from Prescient 61 stay without complaints from this
    couple. This whole situation could be better if Department of Buildings doing they
    are duties and issued violation for ignoring Zoning Resolution by Hockenjos. John
    Hockenjos and his wife Irina criminals who has a handicap license plate and
    using this for long time. Did u see anyone handicap on driveway in this video?
    Or probably they are mentally ill to ignore society rules and respect the Deed
    and Property line of the neighbors?

  17. Some illiterate who set this whole thing in motion must be terrified. I pray for Mr. Hockenjos  that his attorneys go after the neighbor that started this and surely provoked the crooked cops of the 61 into arresting an innocent man, taking his livelihood, his property, his finances and his very freedom. I’d love to sit on that jury.

    I highly doubt anyone will help that neighbor.

  18. I’d like to think that anyone who was prosecuted and found guilty in cases where the officer is the plaintiff will be brought back to court, The sad fact is because of his abuse of power other criminals stand a chance of being let out. His word under oath is worth shit.

  19. Two separate issues here. Mr Hockenjos’s behavior, whatever it may be, has nothing to do with a false arrest.    

  20. I don’t know if this is the 60 or the 61, but I am constantly annoyed at the police at the Brighton end of the boardwalk, whose job duties apparently include talking to underage girls for an extended period of time, making sure such girls know how beautiful they are. I am tempted to take videos and send it here, but I’m afraid one of them will see me, and I’ll end up in the slammer for, probably for harrassing underage-girls!

  21. Absolutely do it! They do it at Manhattan Beach every summer. All these crooked cops have gotten away with harassing innocent people for too long, it is time to expose every one of them.

    The Canon S70, is an HD palm held camera that is very discrete and can be picked up for $80 on ebay.. No one knows you are filming them… it fits in your hand.

  22. Let me make this clear I hate cops bunch of corrupt maggots…they
    only know how to benefit themselves. Every time I try to remember my experiences
    with these scumbags I have nothing positive to say…. simple thing like getting
    an accident report from them they give you a run around and you have to pay for
    it $10. BTW did that piece of paper go up in price?  Oh please don’t give me this BS cop saved someone
    from burning car and shit like that….we all here normal human’s beings we will
    do the same thing. I have done it in the past helped someone not necessarily
    from burning car. Don’t need a hero status..They can stick that status up their
    asses…. Arrogant, Egocentric, Corrupt pigs……

  23. Because there isn’t a white guy out there comparible to Al who can get that type of media attention except for say Donald Trump and he wouldn’t be interested. The best chance is someone from the ACLU. But where are they when you need them?

  24. I understand your frustration and I’m sure what you say is correct to a degree. But that doesn’t make everyone bad. The corrupt cop who is flirting with underage girls one day instead of patrolling, can be capturing a dangerous criminal the next. We are not necessarily talking about two different cops. The abuses must be corrected but you can’t blame them for that $10 charge which I complained about to Mark Green when he was running for mayor God knows how many years ago. It is totally unfair. You are being robbed twice I told him, first by the purse snatcher or burglar and then by the City. Charge for multiple copies but the first one should be free. And yes I’m shocked Bloomberg hasn’t raised it to $100 by now.

    But the two times I needed the 61st the most in life and death situations, they were there for me and behaved admirably. No complaints those times.

  25. Thank you for your candid feedback….So are you saying
    that $10 fee did not go up yet I am also shocked…Unfortunately there are only
    a few good cops left…..

  26. That is what the zoom lens is for.Stand far enough away so they don’t notice you,and just zoom in as close as you can.

  27. #1) The cops should be prosecuted and fired if found guilty. #2) There should be an investigation of why Paumere called the police,and why they were all standing in Hockenjos driveway. Then if it is found that he made a false report to the police,prosecute Paumere!

  28. You all must be angry losers who have nothing to do but whine and complain. Quick to judge and cast the first stone. But also first to call the police when ur ass is getting handed to you. Ever think the media releases bits and pieces that will make simpletons like you gravitate to a story. Sell some papers.

  29. Quick Update: I called 61 pct this asshole Officer
    Diego Palacios removed from 61pct and under investigation.
    When I started to
    ask more questions pig on the phone started to become nasty with me….my
    follow up questions were like this Is he still on a payroll while under investigation?
    Is he going to keep his pension? Is he going to put in jailed if found guilty
    on false arrest that would put an innocent person for 7 years in jail? Pig told
    me to call DA or Internal Affairs when asked for a number….he hanged up.

  30. Besides the ACLU  and Donald Trump, maybe/possibly  Bill Maher, Rush Limbaugh, or    Fernando Mateo. The question still remains, would any of them be interested in these types of issues. 

  31. I was framed by the same cops for an empty pot pipe,, they lied and claimed I had crack cocaine when i have never even seen crack cocaine in my life.. powerful corrupt people

  32. Why are you brining up this miscarrage of justice now, a year later. The whole story is a disgrace to the NYPD, the 61 Pct but the one good thing is that Charley JOE Hynes is running for re election and its your turn to rid us of him and his incompetent if not venal office.

  33. Does the 61st Pct feel that 1 night in jail is a fair punishment for a man who was caught on video tape framing an innocent man for attempted murder?

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