Accident on Emmons Ave. and Shore Blvd.

Car Accident on Emmons and Shore Blvd

Update: Sheepshead Bites super-tipster, Arthur Borko first told us about this story this morning, and provided the attached photos. Apparently, Borko did some investigating afterwards and filled us in on a few details. He spoke to a witness to the accident, Rob Zalesh of Atlantic Bagels, who said it occured when a white van traveling west on Emmons attempted to make a left turn. The eldery driver had a green left-turn-only light. Unfortunately, the light was also green for a woman, in her mid-30s, driving in the opposite direction. Because there was an error in the light’s timing, they both had green lights and ended up colliding. While the damage to the cars looks bad, we are unaware of the condition of the drivers, or any passengers.

Original post:

It appears there was a bad accident on Emmons Avenue and Shore Boulevard around 10 o’clock this morning. We’re working to find out the details, but a reader sent these photos so you can see for yourself how bad the damage was. In the photo above, it seems like the driver was still in the car when these photos were taken, perhaps because they were injured or stuck.