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Abe Lincoln To Take Over New Utrecht Reformed Church

Costello as Abe Lincoln (Source: Friends of Historic New Utrecht) 

When he’s not making Oscar-nominated films or killing vampires, President Abraham Lincoln hangs out in Bensonhurst.

America’s 16th President is stopping by the Parish House of the New Utrecht Reformed Church at 18th Avenue and 84th Street on Tuesday, February 11, where he’ll share stories of his early life growing up on the frontier and discuss his views on slavery and the issues that led to the Civil War.

The president will be portrayed by Robert Costello, and, like all politicians, he’ll precede the appearance by hobnobbing with elementary-aged children during a meet-and-greet at New Utrecht High School.

“There is no greater reward than to see a look of wonder and astonishment in a child’s eyes upon meeting me or to hear from a student who at my urging has discovered enjoyment in reading,” Costello said.

Of course, Costello, as Lincoln, will fit right in as a piece of living history at New Utrecht Reformed Church. The church was founded in 1677, and the sanctuary building next to the Parish House was built in 1828. He’ll be accompanied by Civil War reenactors from the 14th Brooklyn Regiment, Company H.

More information on the February 12 evening program and on the historic, cultural and educational programs of the Friends of Historic New Utrecht is available at (718) 256-7173 and at [email protected].

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