A Trash Talk Interview With The Park Slope Pile

A Trash Talk Interview With The Park Slope Pile
Park Slope Pile
Park Slope Pile (Courtesy of the Park Slope Pile)

A pile of trash comes with its strong olfactory challenges.

And even stronger opinions.

The Park Slope Pile is a collection of trash that can often be seen on the curb of 4th Street near the intersection of 7th Avenue.  “The Pile” sits in front of the side doors of the John Jay Educational Campus (237 7th Avenue between 4th and 5th Streets).

We (rather, @TheStoopBK) had a chance to Tweet with @ParkSlopePile to learn a bit about the pile’s history, opinions, why it smells the way it smells, and a lot more.

Park Slope Stoop (@TheStoopBK): There are some neighbors that can’t understand why the Department of Sanitation doesn’t make you disappear. They’re supposed to get rid of you every Tuesday and Friday evening. Why do you keep coming back?

Park Slope Pile (@ParkSlopePile): Sanitation sometimes forgets about me. They only pick me up once a week, especially around the holidays.

Some neighbors, folks who pass by you on the street, and business owners say you have a pretty putrid smell. What are you made up of?

Park Slope Pile (@ParkSlopePile): Neighbors see that I am made up of all types of trash. Especially Manila envelopes, lesson plans, and pizza boxes.

park slope pile
Photo via Google Maps

You live outside of John Jay Educational Campus. Do you belong to them?

Park Slope Pile (@ParkSlopePile): The Park Slope Progressive Pile is the latest relative of Manual Training High School, John Jay High School, and the modern John Jay Educational Campus. From the Board of Education to the high-tech Department of Education, The Pile is an NYC product.

Not to be cruel, but what is it going to take for you to move elsewhere?

Park Slope Pile (@ParkSlopePile): I can move to a Dumpster™ or some sort of large container. @NYCSchools & @NYCSanitation can make this happen. No Progressive Points for constituent service by local city councilman @bradlander, who is too busy being @BilldeBlasio ‘lite’ to be a ‘pothole politician.’

Have you personally reached out to NYC schools, NYC sanitation, Councilmember Brad Lander or Mayor Bill de Blasio?

Park Slope Pile (@ParkSlopePile): Schools – form letter from [the]  Chancellor, emails with the@NYCSchools operations division CEO, @nyc311, forms for Sanitation. A joking aside from @bradlander but like @BilldeBlasio pothole issues like these aren’t on their docket.


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