A Tale of Two Fences

Kings Bay Youth Organization Repairs Fence After Accident

When we heard that the Kings Bay Youth Organization’s fence was repaired just days after a car slammed through it last week, we said to ourselves, “Well, that’s a triumph of efficiency.” Even though it turns out it’s more of a makeshift repair with wire mesh holding everything together, we figured it must be miles ahead of where the Parks Department would be with the marina’s railing after a car took a dive four days before the Coyle Street/Kings Bay field incident. Afterall, a set of concrete planters has baffled the department for a couple of years now. Well, we were wrong. When we went to go snag a comparison shot of the fence as it sits now, well, lo’ and behold, it was repaired!

Sheepshead Bay waterfront fence repaired after parking accident

We actually walked past the spot two or three times trying to remember where the damage occurred, since it blended in so seamlessly that we couldn’t spot it offhand. The concrete looked fresh, but no one in the area could tell us when the department came to do repairs, and many were surprised when we pointed out it was fixed. We can’t tell for sure, but it looks like they recycled at least one of the fences damaged in the accident and put it back into position. The wood board is to hold the concrete while it sets, since the gate ripped a chunk off when the car plowed into it. Good job, Parks Department. We’ll try to be a little less cynical next time.


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