A “Strange And Unusual” Scene At 67th Street And 18th Avenue

Photo courtesy of Eugene Komissarov

A short while ago, reader and concerned citizen Eugene Komissarov sent in an odd note. It detailed an incident that occurred at 67th Street and 18th Avenue.

His note read:

I’m at the scene of a strange and unusual incident. On 67th Street and 18th Avenue, there are two police vehicles and a medical examiner. My close friend lives in the building where the incident occurred.
A dead body was found in the bath tub of a 3 family house. My friend lives in the 2nd floor of the house. A family of three live on the third floor where the smell of a decomposing body was in the air.
The neighbors called police and they immediately arrived at the scene, then entered the apartment to discover an 86 year-old’s body.
The family that lived in that home stated that they were trying to contact police for the past month but do not have a telephone. The body of the elderly woman was found in the bath tub. She passed away the 13th of July. Ever since, the body has been laying in their bathtub in their home.
The two residents of the apartment say that they did not know what to do when she passed away. Such a strange story.

After several phone calls, the medical examiner was able to confirm that a body had been found at the location. However, no one was willing to comment on or confirm any of the details surrounding the death.

Our thoughts are with the friends or family of the deceased. Strange indeed that a body remain decomposing for over a month and no one knows what to do about it.


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