A Reminder To Check In With Friends & Family During This Heat

A Reminder To Check In With Friends & Family During This Heat
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Today is supposed to yield the highest temperatures yet of our near week-long heatwave, with the heat index expected to hit 105°F. This will be the longest heat wave since July 2006, when 40 people died from heat-related illness over a 10-day period. To make sure everyone is keeping in good health, the New York City Office of Emergency Management asks residents to assist them in looking out for our neighbors, friends, and family who might be suffering from heat illness.

The OEM advises us to check on vulnerable relatives, friends, and neighbors,  who may be particularly susceptible to heat illness. Risk is heightened for people without air conditioning, seniors, people with pre-existing health conditions, people who take medication that can disrupt body temperature, people who are overweight or obese, or people who are confined to their beds.

If you notice someone has hot, dry skin or cold, clammy skin, is confused or disoriented, is nauseous or vomiting, has a rapid heartbeat or trouble breathing, or is weak or dizzy, call 911 immediately and try to get that person to a cold place if possible.

To prevent heat illness, people are encouraged to visit cooling centers. Centers near Ditmas Park include:

Dorchester Senior Center
1419 Dorchester Rd, 718-941-6700
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm, may be extended during heat emergency

Ft. Greene Hazel Brooks Senior Center
951 Ocean Ave, 347-435-3287
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm

Senior Citizens League of Flatbush Senior Center
550 Ocean Pkwy, 718-438-7771
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm, may be extended during heat emergency

Cortelyou Library
1305 Cortelyou Road, 718-693-7763
Hours: M 10-6; Tu 10-6; W 10-8; Th 10-6; F 10-6; Sa 10-5
(Note: It’s not on the OEM map, but it’s open, and it’s cool.)

Flatbush Library
22 Linden Blvd, 718-856-0813
Hours: M 10-6; Tu 1-8; W 10-6; Th 10-6; F 10-6; Sa 10-5

Kensington Library
4207 18th Ave, 718-435-9431
Hours: M 10-6; Tu 1-8; W 10-6; Th 1-8; F 10-6; Sa 10-5

Certain centers will have extended hours because of the heatwave, which is expected to last into tomorrow. Be sure to call the cooling centers ahead to confirm that they’re open.

Stay hydrated, stay in air conditioning, and check on your neighbors who may be especially vulnerable to the heat.

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