A New Low For The USPS: Neighbor's Brother's Ashes Go Missing Days Before Funeral

If you’ve ever expected an important package in Ditmas Park, you know how long the wait can feel–but when the package is the ashes of a loved one and your deadline is a funeral, timely arrival is even more important than usual. One neighbor, Bridget Smith, came awfully close to not receiving her important delivery last week when the USPS misplaced her brother’s ashes, says WABC.

Bridget already had an urn for the remains of her brother Eugene, who died last month in Virginia, and had scheduled a funeral for him this past Saturday, November 16 in Canarsie. Bridget and Eugene’s father’s girlfriend, Cyliene Montgomery, sent the ashes from Lawrenceville, VA to Ditmas Park on November 8 by registered mail–but although the receipt said Bridget should have received a package on November 12, it still hadn’t arrived on Friday, November 15.

Bridget was eventually told the package had made it to the Flatbush Station Post Office, says the station, but not that it would be delivered in time for the funeral. However, after WABC spoke to the post office manager, the package was delivered to Bridget within minutes. Thankfully, it arrived in time for Eugene’s funeral.

The post office manager told WABC that the date on the receipt was an estimate, and that multiple issues could delay registered mail–but is that enough (in this sensitive case especially)? Have you had similar issues with mail not showing up by the date on a receipt, and how responsive was the local post office to your concerns?


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