A Neighbor Learns About The Khmer New Year

A Neighbor Learns About The Khmer New Year
david scaringe new year

Neighbor Dave Scaringe wrote to share an unexpected experience he had over the weekend. Passing by a neighborhood cultural center, David was invited to join the Cambodian (or Khmer) New Year‘s celebration going on inside. He says:

There was music playing in the backyard, and so much food!!  I was also instructed to go inside and see the temple.  I took my shoes off and entered the front door only to be greeted by 3 massive golden Buddha statues and a group of people sitting on the floor…  It looked like everyone was having a great time.

The 2013 Khmer New Year started yesterday, April 14, and ends tomorrow. For the record, David’s favorite holiday game is definitely Leak Kanseng.

Another benefit of living in such a diverse community! For the full entry, visit David’s Tumblr.

Photo via David Scaringe Photography


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