A Beautiful Collection Of Sheepshead Bay Photos

When it comes to photography, you either have that certain je ne sais quois — or as we refer to it as in the industry: “an eye” — or you don’t, and Sofia Verzbolovskis definitely has it.

As the 23-year-old Panamanian photography student explained in an email to Sheepshead Bites:

“I’m a photography student at ICP (international center of photography). I’ve been going to sheepshead lately because I’m interested in documenting the neighborhood for some months. Its such a beautiful, rare place!!”

We were extremely taken by the soft and haunting quietude of Verzbolovskis’ images of Sheepshead Bay, and her natural ability to lasso our grungy neighborhood tableau, post-Snowpocalypse, and produce through her lens charming images of familiar places that feel almost like Lomographic dreams.

After graduating from NYU in 2009 and not knowing what she wanted to do after college, Verzbolovskis took a year off, and it was only during a recent trip to Ghana for a couple of months that she developed an interest in photography.

“I began to take it more and more seriously, building up a portfolio, and decided to apply to the Photojournalism/Documentary Photography program at ICP [International Center of Photography],” she explained. “I finish in July of this year.”

Not bad for someone who’s been at it for less than two years. We certainly look forward to seeing more of her excellent photos in years to come.

More of Verzbolovskis’ work can be seen here.