A Barbershop Duo Worth A Mention

Joe with the recently posted Elizabeth Taylor pinup. (Source: Wandering NYC)

About a year ago, we posted about some of the best traditional barbershops for men in our area.  Thanks to Wandering NYC, there’s another special one to add to the list.

This barbershop is called Joe and Bart’s Unisex Salon and is located at 2087 Haring Street, north of Avenue U.

Wandering NYC writes:

When you walk into Joe and Bart’s you may be greeted with a hot cup of espresso or directed to a box of Italian pastries taking up one of the chairs in their waiting area. You might be treated to some free entertainment by their cast of regulars. You could even run into Al Pacino stopping by to say hello in between filming scenes for a new movie around the corner. One thing that’s certain is you will experience a barber shop in much the same way New Yorkers have for generations.

If you visit them in the near future, you may see the centerfold they have on display commemorating the late Elizabeth Taylor.

Authentic Brooklyn barbershop with a cast of characters? Old guys who tell great stories? Haircutting/styling with Italian pastries? Sounds like they get the job done right.