After 9th Street Attack On Transgender Man, Elected Officials And LGBTQ Community Respond

After 9th Street Attack On Transgender Man, Elected Officials And LGBTQ Community Respond
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Brooklyn elected officials and LGBTQ Community Groups have released a statement in response to last Friday’s attack on transgender male in Park Slope.

According to police, a 32-year old transgender man was a victim of a brutal attack by at least three suspects. The incident took place near the intersection of 7th Avenue and 9th Street at approximately 11:30am on Friday, May 13.

A statement was released today by Council Member Brad Lander, Council Member Carlos Menchaca, Floyd Rumohr, Executive Director of Brooklyn Community Pride Center, Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn, and Brooklyn Pride, Inc.:

“Our community is both outraged and deeply saddened to see a hate-fueled anti-LGBTQ attack in our own backyard, and our hearts go out to the individual who was so brutally attacked in broad daylight on 7th Avenue and 9th Street in Park Slope last Friday. All New Yorkers, of all gender-identities, have the right to express themselves and we refuse to let such horrific intolerance occur on our streets.”
“Our neighborhood has long been known for embracing the diversity that makes Brooklyn such a vibrant place to live and we will not take lightly any act of violence that threatens the inclusive community we’ve all built together. At a time when transgender individuals face systematic statewide persecution in other parts of the country, horrifying events like this attack stand as reminders of the many intolerances and injustices facing the transgender community right here in New York.”
“Transgender and gender non-conforming people, particularly transgender women of color, experience extremely high rates of violence and homicide in this country. Already in 2016 we have lost eleven transgender and gender non-conforming people to fatal violence – which we know of. We must stand up against this kind of hatred and accept everyone for who they are. We will not rest until all New Yorkers feel safe on our streets.”

Before the attack began, one of the suspects shouted, “What are you looking at, you white faggot?” and the victim was then punched repeatedly in the head and face, according to the police.

Our community of readers have expressed concern and frustration as to why this incident has not yet been labeled as a bias crime.

According to a police spokesperson who we contacted at 5:15pm today, categorizing the event as a bias crime is “under consideration.” Therefore, we cannot officially call this event a bias crime at the time of this article’s publication.

Cops say no arrests have been made at this time.

The statement concludes with:

“The NYPD is doing everything they can to track down the perpetrator, and ensure that justice comes for the victim of this attack, while our community is committed to proving that we are the welcoming neighborhood we’ve long been known to be.
We stand together, in the face of hatred, showing that our respect and appreciation for all New Yorkers, of every gender identity, stands stronger than the intolerance of a few individuals. As is always the case, our love will destroy their hate.”


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