97 Year Old Neighbor Killed on Brighton Beach Avenue

97 Year Old Neighbor Killed on Brighton Beach Avenue
Photo by David von Diemar on Unsplash

Volf Ferman of Brighton 12 Street was resting on a walking device, close to the wall of 405 Brighton Beach Avenue, when a car crashed into him, killing him.

The tragic event took place on Wednesday, April 7, about a quarter to 4 pm on Brighton Beach Avenue, just east of Brighton 4 Street (60th Precinct).

NYPD Highway District’s Collision Investigation Squad determined that a 2008 Cadillac Escalade, operated by a 79-year-old man, was parked along the north curb line of Brighton Beach Avenue, facing west, approximately 40 feet east of Brighton 4 Street.

When the driver attempted to pull from a parked position, west bound on Brighton Beach Avenue, the car mounted the curb and drove onto the north sidewalk, cops determined. It then struck Ferman with the front bumper, forcing him into the storefront, through the glass doors pinning him between the doors and the front bumper of the vehicle.

EMS transported Ferman to NYU Langone Hospital-Brooklyn, where he died. The vehicle operator was not injured as a result of the collision. The investigation remains ongoing.