86th Street Jerusalem Fruit Market Building Getting Makeover

(image courtesy of Jay New)

We received a Tweet last week from reader Frank Wza, who wanted to know what was going on at with two different 86th Street addresses.

One, 2201 86th Street, on the corner of Bay Parkway, the former location of Jerusalem Fruit, whose abandoned fruit tables we reported on during Hurricane Irene.

According to the city’s DOB website, there is currently a stop work on the property, apparently stemming from some older violations, all but one of which have been resolved.

It appears that construction at 2201 86th Street will not result in any major changes to the building’s current use. Work permits filed with DOB are for some minor demolition and renovation, citing “NO CHANGE IN USE, EGRESS, AND OCUPANCY (sic).”

We can’t say with any certainty what kind of business will be there, or if the building owners have even found a new ground floor tenant. However, at this time it appears the building will merely be getting a makeover.

The second location is on the corner of Bay Parkway and Bay 26th Street, the address of which Frank believes is 2038 86th Street. Unfortunately, 2038 does not have any major work permits on file. We also searched for filings on both 2036 and 2040 86th Street, to no avail.

If any readers have interesting info on either place, please contact us at jteutonico [at] bensonhurstbean [dot] com.


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