80-Year-Old Pedestrian Struck, Killed In Gravesend

An 80-year-old man died on Tuesday, after being struck by a car while crossing the street.

The incident occurred on East 7th Street at Avenue T at 6:45 a.m. A 21-year-old driver struck Aron Dudkin with his Nissan. Dudkin was taken to Coney Island Hospital, where he died from his injuries. The motorist remained on scene, and no charges have been made against him.

Streetsblog takes issue with the amount of information available from the NYPD about such incidents:

The crossing where Dudkin was hit is a signalized intersection. Was he crossing with the light? Was the driver proceeding through the intersection on Avenue T, or turning from East 7th? Judging by video from the scene, it looks as if the victim was knocked out of his shoes. Was speed a factor? Unfortunately, these crucial details are kept off-limits by NYPD. As far the general public is concerned, in all likelihood this case is closed.

The story was first reported by Flatbush Scoop, who also provided the video.