8 Ways From Sunday: United Fleet Files Eight Chapter 11’s

According to public records, Coney Island bus company USA United Fleet, Inc. aka Shoreline Fleet, Inc. filed bankruptcy in Brooklyn’s Eastern District federal court yesterday.

Actually, director William Moran filed eight different Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases- one for each of the firms that operate under United Fleet’s umbrella.

The company(s) headquarters is listed in the filings as 2839 West 37th Street Brooklyn, NY 11224.

From Chapter11Library.com:

According to the Comptroller’s Declaration, “the Debtors have simply  fallen victim to a trifecta of circumstances”, including a payroll  embezzlement, a demanded Union security deposit and unilateral note  adjustments by its secured lender.

A Chapter 11 was filed under each of the following company names:

USA United Fleet, Inc. USA United Holdings, Inc. United Fleet, Inc. United Tom Tom Transportation, Inc. USA United Bus Express, Inc. USA United Transit, Inc. Tom Tom Escorts Only, Inc. Shoreline Transit, Inc.