“8 Bridges Hudson River Swim” Open-Water Race Concludes Under The Verrazano

Source: Slitterfin via Wikimedia Commons

Open-water long distance swim races have become popular throughout New York. Yesterday, a group of open-water swimmers concluded the last leg of a 120 mile multi-stage race in the Hudson River.

The “8 Bridges Hudson River Swim is the world’s longest open-water race. It runs from the peaceful Catskills to the dramatic Narrows, at the throat of the New York Harbor.

“Compared to upriver, it’s so chaotic and busy; under water you hear all the boats and motors, and after a week in quiet waters, it’s unnerving,” said Rondi Davies, a participant.

For one week, each day’s marathon swim begins with the ebb tide at one bridge and ends at the next, covering distances ranging from 13.2 miles to 19.8 miles.

Swimmers participate in one or all of the seven stages. Each stage of the 8 Bridges Swim costs about $800 and the final stage, which includes New York City harbor, costs about $1,300.

The race concluded yesterday at the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. This is the second annual open-water race of this kind in New York, according to the Wall Street Journal.

This summer, New York will host about five other distance swimming races.

Kayakers follow closely behind the swimmers through the entire race to ensure their safety.

The winners have not been announced as of yet.