76th Precinct Warns of Increase in Thefts as it Wraps Community Meetings for the Summer

76th Precinct Warns of Increase in Thefts as it Wraps Community Meetings for the Summer
Olivia Oldham/Bklyner

CARROLL GARDENS – On Wednesday, June 5th, residents of the 76th precinct gathered in the basement room of the police station for the last community meeting before disbanding for the summer. Deputy Inspector Megan O’Malley gave a brief run-down of area crime in the last month, emphasizing that theft continues to be the most common crime.

O’Malley warned against sharing personal information over the phone, explaining that the IRS never requests social security number verification over the phone. Additionally, no credible organization will request payment in Bitcoin or another alternative method of payment, another issue they have encountered over recent months.

She noted that theft from cars has increased in the precinct this year, but only in isolated events, with people trying car door handles. O’Malley recommended against leaving valuable possessions in cars.

The warm weather brings bike season, and with it, bike theft season. It is recommended to keep bikes off the streets if possible, or to research effective methods to secure bikes.

In the past month, a string of burglaries in Gowanus and Cobble Hill were committed in residential homes. The burglar would test front doors, enter homes, and take valuable belongings.

In the last week of May, police officers recognized the burglar on the street, and followed him. They observed him attempting to enter three to four houses, and witnessed him entering a home to attempt a burglary. Officers pursued the man through the house, and apprehended him in the backyard. The man was arrested. In his bag, they found a loaded 25 caliber firearm.

The officers who apprehended and arrested the burglar were awarded ‘Cops of the Month’ by the precinct.

Though this is the final meeting of the community council until September, the precinct emphasized that they are always available to residents, and encourage residents to reach out in the intervening months.


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