75th St. Bike Lane Fails To Pass Community Board A Second Time

Transportation Alternatives failed to convince CB 10 (image credit: the L Magazine)

Bike lane advocates weren’t going to take Community Board 10’s second bike lane vote lying down. Transportation Alternatives, a pro-bike lane group, had met with the community board’s transportation committee.  A group of about 15 activists gathered at last night’s meeting, held in the Knights of Columbus at 1305 86th Street, to speak out in favor of a new bike lane. By all accounts, attendees affirming their request for a bike lane were both polite and eloquent in stating their case. But even with increasingly vocal proponents, the controversial Bay Ridge Parkway bike lane once again failed to win the support of Community Board 10.

According to a very detailed, albeit pro-bike lane slanted, account in the L Magazine, the board’s motion to rescind their previous vote against bike lanes was defeated “by too many hands to count.” The Community Board is currently waiting for an official response from the DOT regarding alternatives to a bike lane on Bay Ridge Parkway, or 75th Street as some call it. This is the same request that had been made of the DOT the first time, one that was never answered. As to the chances of CB10 receiving a response this time around, their odds place the board in the same metaphorical boat as proponents who desire a pro-bike lane community board in Southwest Brooklyn. Both parties will wait without much to show for their respective efforts, left to reluctantly ponder questions that only time, or compromise, can answer.

The L Magazine: Bay Ridge Parkway Bike Lane Shot Down By Community Board. Again.