D-Train Stop Gets A New Permanent Public Art Display

Flora of Bensonhurst Public Art
Linder's Flora of Bensonhurst Public Art Project

Brooklyn artist Joan Linder‘s paintings of Bensonhurst’s flora have been turned into a permanent public art exhibit. The large laminated glass installation called The Flora of Bensonhurst can be seen on the platform of the 71st Street D-train stop.

The work is inspired by wild plants growing within a six-block radius of the station. The images are done by hand, using quill pen and ink on stained white glass, made to resemble a lightbox, which changes the shades of the plants according to the time of the day.

“My subjects include…the close scrutiny of natural and man made structures. This diversity of subject matter is a critical element in my attempt to express the complexity and variety of contemporary life,” says Joan in her artistic statement.

Whaddya think? Ain’t that perdy?