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70-Foot Building On Sheepshead Bay Road Takes Shape


We thought we’d share a little progress report about the four story building being constructed at 1733 Sheepshead Bay Road, the former site of the Bay News offices.

The 70-foot office/retail structure is taking shape, and in fairly good time. Demolition of the site began in early September. It halted a few weeks later when inspectors found asbestos on the roof, but that was cleared up quickly and construction resumed.

Here you get a better idea of exactly how tall it’s going to be (about the same size as Bally’s across the street). The building is slated for a September 2011 completion. A 68-car attended parking garage will be at the rear, and the neighboring storefront was demolished to make way for driveway access.

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  1. Wouldn’t be the first time. Wasn’t there a parking lot, albeit a tiny one, with a roadway on that block a while back? I seem to remember passing it many times in the late-90s when I used to hit up the Grilled D’Lites that used to be there across from Bally’s.

  2. I will say it again, i am all for development but this building is just way to big for this block. Everyone should be ecstatic about more ambulates double parking and causing chaos. Its really sad that the only businesses that want to be on this strip are lawyers, doctors, sushi spots and cell phone stores. The parking lot is going to create a whole lot of traffic backup of cars going in and out.

  3. There’s a driveway a couple doors down for a construction company (I wanna say Starcraft, but I know that’s not right. It’s something like that). That driveway is nothing like this one. It’s got a wide entrance and is low traffic, since it only holds a couple of vehicles if I’m not mistaken. This is a 68-car multi-level garage coming and going through a very narrow alleyway. Just sayin’.

  4. What about it? Its a single tenant with no driveway or parking. The parking lot in back is city owned and has 2 entrances/exits from 2 different streets. Totally different buildings. If one day someone decided to make that building into offices with retail that would also be a horrible idea. This area cant handle large retail dev sites there is no infrastructure to handle it. That is why Acadia Realty cant build station plaza What the city should do is buy that land from them and put a park there.

  5. Right next to my favorite Japanese/Chinese place, which has great food (no, i don’t work there, just eat there). If they touch that, i’m out there blocking the way… Hey, i’m for any redevelopment.


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