7 Best Dog Parks In Brooklyn

7 Best Dog Parks In Brooklyn

Looking to enjoy the end of summer with your furry friend? Check out the 7 best dog parks in Brooklyn—from Dyker Heights to Greenpoint and Bay Ridge to Bed Stuy!

1. Hillside Dog Park, Brooklyn Heights

A triangular park tucked between the BQE and the iconic Jehovah’s Witness building, this shaded spot for off-leash play is well attended. The mix of dirt and wood chip paths are easy on paws, if a little bit dirty. There are plenty of trees to make a shady spot to hang out—as long as your can find parking!

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2. Prospect Park Dog Beach, Prospect Park

The gorgeous and expansive Prospect Park has something for everyone—especially water-loving dogs. This meadow has off-leash hours for your dog to run, plus a fenced-off section of pond for swimming! Just be aware, the large space can lead to the occasional inattentive owner…

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3. Fort Greene Park, Fort Greene

Hilly Fort Greene Park has space for dogs to run before 9am and after 9pm, though leashed dogs are welcome at all times. A family friendly place full of runners, exercisers and picnics, Fort Greene is a great spot for a stroll with your pooch, surrounded by brownstones.

4. Dyker Beach Dog Run, Dyker Heights

One of the biggest spaces for dogs in New York, this off leash expanse is a great place for a high-energy pet! There’s tons of room to roam, play fetch and explore with views of the Verrazano bridge. A dedicated group of owners frequent the park, and have been diligently reminding the city to maintain the facilities—which has paid off!

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5. Owl’s Head Park Dog Run, Bay Ridge

This dog run attached to Owl’s Head Park has spaces for both large and small dogs to keep your pups safe. Regulars at the park make for a welcoming community.

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6. McCarren Park Dog Run, Williamsburg

McCarren park has something for everyone—pool, sports fields, skate park, you name it. But most importantly, it’s got a well-shaded dog run tucked under the trees, where your pup can play. With the ground a mix of dirt and wood chips, it can get a little dirty for the dogs, so be aware of extra cleaning before heading home or piling into the car. Plus, the people-watching might be the best in the borough…

7. Herbert Von King Park Dog Run, Bed Stuy

A big dog run near the outfield of the baseball diamond, this spot in Herbert Von King Park is the place for dog owners in Bed Stuy. It’s a wood-chip run with benches for dog owners and lots of space. There tend to be a lot of a large dogs there, so keep an eye on any small pups!

Of course, there are many more places to play with your pups than the ones we listed here—let us know what you think! Where do you bring your dog?


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