7-Eleven Is Now Open On Sheepshead Bay Road

Photo by Erica Sherman

The not-so-long-rumored 7-Eleven on Sheepshead Bay Road is now open, serving up sugary frozen drinks and greasy taquitos to the commuter crowd.

Sheepshead Bites was the first to report the closing of McDonalds at 1509 Sheepshead Bay Road in September. The closing gave way to rumors that it would be a 7-Eleven, which turned out to be true. We checked in with local bodegas in October to see how they thought the new competition would hurt their bottom line. As it turned out, they think it will.

“It’s bad for local businesses that are already established,” said Ray Muhammad, a cashier at Bay Smoke Shop. “Another place that sells food, cigarettes and liquor.”

What do you think of the new 7-Eleven?


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