7-11: United Fleet Chapter Elevens Converted To 7’s

We have an update on USA United Fleet’s bankruptcy. To recap, the Coney Island bus company had filed eight different Chapter 11 corporate restructuring cases (one for each firm overseen by Director William Moran).

According to public records, today each of the eight Chapter 11 cases were converted to Chapter 7. This action was brought on by the United States Trustee, who filed a motion to convert.

The difference between a Chapter 11 and a Chapter 7?

Filing a Chapter 11 means a company is simply reorganizing. Management maintains control of the business as a debtor in possession and is overseen by the court.

In a chapter 7, the business ceases to operate and its assets are sold off in order to pay creditors.

The decision to convert spells doom for the future of United Fleet. However, this change could result in certain benefits for both owners and employees.

The conversion to Chapter 7 will affect the cases of each of the following companies:

USA United Fleet, Inc. USA United Holdings, Inc. United Fleet, Inc. United Tom Tom Transportation, Inc. USA United Bus Express, Inc. USA United Transit, Inc. Tom Tom Escorts Only, Inc. Shoreline Transit, Inc. All cases are being handled by United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of New York in Downtown Brooklyn.

We’ll keep you updated with more breaking news on United Fleet’s bankruptcy, as well as what it means for the company’s workers, as it happens. Please stay tuned.