66th Precinct Community Meeting Update

66th Precinct Community Meeting Update

Jole Carliner writes up the last precinct community meeting from June 21st:

The 66 joined with the 70 to conduct two operations against the Coney Island Avenue (CIA) auto-body repair shops whose double-parked vehicles routinely block traffic from Cortelyou Road toChurch Avenue.  Working with the Patrol Borough Brooklyn South Task Force and Brooklyn Highway Patrol, the precinct wrote 79 summonses.
“We could have written 479 summonses,” D.I. Deddo added, in a nod to the CIA shops’ constant flaunting of the rules. “They have to learn we’re not going away.”

Which begs the question of why 479 summonses were not written. More background on the Coney Island Avenue traffic issue here.Other issues addressed were illegal flower selling and early morning horn honking by yellow private school busses.Next meeting is Thursday, September 20, 7:30 p.m., at Community Board 12’s offices, 5910 13th Avenue.  For more information call the 66th at (718) 851–5601.


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