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NYPD Safety Tips To Prevent Car Break-Ins



Car break-ins remain one of the biggest drivers of crime in the area. Thieves smashing car windows to steal sometimes as little as pennies from a cup holder are one of the reasons for the spike in crime recorded in the latest Compstat report from the 61st Precinct.

While motorists should feel comfortable parking their car wherever they like, the reality of the situation is that thugs take advantage of dark streets and look for indications that the car might have valuables inside. The local precinct’s Crime Prevention Unit recently sent out a batch of tips to help reduce your risk, and the area’s crime stats.

To make sure you’re possessions are as safe as possible, here is a list of safety tips:

  • Do not leave satellite radios, portable GPS system, or suction cup on windshield whether temporarily parking or parking overnight.
  • Do not leave wallets, purses, backpacks, jewelry, credit cards or any other valuable property in your vehicle while it is parked.
  • Do not leave cell phones or other electronics in the glove compartment.
  • Activate any theft deterrent devices you may have.
  • Do not leave packages or valuables in the vehicle.
  • Do not keep your license, registration or title in the vehicle.
  • Make certain that your vehicle is locked.
  • If possible, park in a bright, well lit area.
  • If you have a garage, use it. Lock both the vehicle and the garage.
  • Install video surveillance within the vicinity of the garage or driveway where your vehicle will be parked.
  • If you have video surveillance conduct periodic maintenance to make sure they are in good working condition.
  • Position the cameras so that it will be able to capture a good image of an individual’s face but secure enough to prevent any possible tampering.
  • Install wheel locks on your vehicle to help deter theft of tire and rims.
  • Contact the 61st Precinct Crime Prevention Officer to have your vehicle VIN etched.

You can learn more about the 61st Precinct’s VIN etching and other crime prevention programs by calling the Crime Prevention Unit at (718) 627-6832.

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  1. Grand Larcenies are the main culprit behind the rise in crime at the area covered by the 61st precinct. However, auto thefts and burglaries are issues as well. It is a simple matter of relieving someone of their wallet on the way to work and snatching someone’s purse on the way home from work or out on a stroll with a baby carriage. This is a dangerous neighborhood and no place to raise a family. With over 1500 felonies so far this year, the 61st precinct ranks second out of 13 South Brooklyn precincts, in terms of the the most felonies committed. Thank G-d the Russians and their cronies haven’t resorted to shooting people yet.

  2. Look you imbecile, Sheepshead Bay and the rest of the area covered by the 61st precinct is safer than most other areas in NYC. If you do not feel that Sheepshead Bay is safe, then move to Bed-Stuy or East New York. Good luck in both coming and going to work safely. Another illiterate Russian bozo posting on bites, now that is truly a novelty act.


  4. Crimes do not occur in this precinct. If a cop refuses to take a report of a crime, there was no crime. There are no drug dealers, there are no robberies, no break-ins. Unanswered 911 calls are cases where there was no co crimes too.
    If you don’t have a car, you can’t have it broken into. It is the fault
    of car owners for having these machines and not a crime when others rob
    Crime fighting begins and ends at this precinct with not taking reports and discouraging anyone from bothering the police with their little problems that the police have no interest in.

    Now pay your taxes or we will arrest you.

  5. And why would this precinct tell you to install video cameras when they refuse to view recordings made by them?

    Don’t bother them, they are busy discouraging citizens from making crime reports. Accept being a victim or keep an undocumented second amendment provided deterrent.

  6. Don’t bother with Crimestoppers either. They don’t even look into tips unless they are the cash kind. The police are just too busy to be bothered with purse snatchers, drug dealers, car breakins, and burglaries. Don’t bother them with your petty little problems as these are not their responsibilities. “They don’t handle that” is the mantra – “Report it to your insurance company.” If your insurance company requires a police report then you are SOL.

    Calling 911 just wastes time. Accept being a victim or do something on your own. Count on the typical response time for vigilantism too, so you should be fine. We are still waiting for the police to respond to our cars being broken into as it was happening. If they ever show, don’t inconvenience them by telling them you have video and photos of the criminals. They are too busy to be bothered and may have to cite you for unlawful surveillance and wasting police resources.

    Pay your taxes..

  7. They have resorted to shooting people… they just don’t leave the bodies where they are easily found…


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