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61st Precinct Executive Officer: Domestic Violence Still A Problem


In the first meeting of the 61st Precinct Community Council of 2014, the 61st Precinct’s executive officer, Captain Faison, reflected on the past year, focusing on the increase in domestic violence.

Filling in for precinct’s commanding officer, Captain John M. Chell, Faison noted that crime was down overall, but that instances of domestic violence were still on the rise.

“We ended the year below 2012 [figures] in all categories with the exception of felony assaults, mainly due to domestic violence,” Faison said.

Currently in charge of the traffic program, Faison talked up year-end reductions in road accidents. “We are down in collisions,” he said.

For the month, all crime was down as well, except robberies, according to Faison.

“We had a couple of bank robberies,” Faison said, citing Chase as one of the banks that was targeted.

“One individual went to two banks; one bank he hit twice,” he said.

The perpetrator was identified and arrested, Faison added.

Other robberies, he said, included attacks on Chinese food delivery men throughout the area.

— Steven Volynets

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  1. There’s that lie again: “CRIME IS DOWN.”

    But when you speak to real residents of the 61 and read the comments they leave regarding that precinct it is absolutely clear that CRIME is skyrocketing and that the police refuse to respond, refuse to take reports and force victims to re-classify crimes as losses, accidents and harassments instead of the robberies, beatings and muggings that they really.

    Despite what they say, it is not Domestic Violence at epidemic levels

  2. Thanks for weighing in.
    If you know crime victims whose reports were altered, feel free to pass on our contact info:
    We are not interested in conjecture, but we’ll take a look at documented claims of misconduct.

  3. Thank you 61st Precinct! I live in Sheepshead Bay and I think the crime is down. I have never committed a crime and been arrested so I don’t have a grudge against the 61. I think they are NY’s Finest.

  4. Then either you are mentally retarded or a crooked cop on the take. I know for a fact you have committed many crimes but just have not been arrested yet, probably because the local precinct refused to take the report, reclassified the crime or didn’t even respond to the call.

    It is amazing that the thousands of incidents of this precinct where reports are lost, refused, calls never responded to and crimes reclassified were all committed by “criminals.” That woman who had her phone stolen obviously was a criminal with a grudge.

  5. Mine absolutely were, I even reached out so far as to go to High Ranking Deputy Commissioners under Howard Safir who said they had no input into that precinct, were “amazed” but that there was nothing the could do.

    It’s okay though as I am another Second Amendment Loving Citizen who knows not to bother with 911. My neighbors have learned likewise.


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