A New Community By The Kensington Stables – 57 Caton Place Proposed Rezoning

57 Caton Place is the yellow brick building. To the left of it is Kensington Stables and The Kestrel. To the right – a church parking lot.

WINDSOR TERRACE – The owners of 57 Caton Place, (57 Caton Partners, LLC) have proposed to rezone parts of the block their lot is on to allow them to build a nine story mixed use building, comprised of two apartment buildings and a total of 107 apartments, according to a presentation made to the NYC Planning Commission at their March 12 Special Meeting.

57 Caton Place lot is adjacent to Kensington Stables, right next to the Ocean Parkway overpass and currently contains a warehouse, that was originally part of Kensington Stables riding school and also stored hay.  It was converted in late 1930s and used as a roller skating rink.

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The lot fronts both onto Ocean Parkway and on Caton Place. The developers are asking for changes in zoning to allow construction of 107 apartments, of which 27 would be made permanently affordable.

They would be split between the two apartment buildings – one on Ocean Parkway and one on Caton Place that would share 74 enclosed parking spaces.

The ground level is also proposed to have 10,000 square feet of retail or community space, though it was unclear what kind. Both the parking and the retail entrances are proposed on Caton Place.

Kensington Stables occupy the red brick building, the yellow brick one is 57 Caton Place.

Commissioners did raise the question of how the horses at the next door stables would tolerate the construction, but no answers to any of the questions were provided by the presenter. The proposal is now with the Community Board 7 for the 60 day community review.

Here is what the proposed building tentatively looks like:

Kensington Stables will likely also ask for a change in zoning to allow for residential development atop the stables, according to the new owners.

72 Caton Place, currently a parking lot on the corner of Caton Place and Coney Island Avenue was acquired for $15 million last year and will likely also be developed. You can see 57 Caton place on the right (yellow brick building).

Across the street at what used to be the parking lot for the Calvary Cathedral of Peace (72 Caton Place), more development is likely after the lot was acquired by Caton Member LLC for $15 million last year.

Here is the City Planning Commission meeting, the project is discussed at 13:20. Zoning change is proposed to change from C8-2 to R7A, and add commercial overlay. Currently The Kestrel is zoned as R7A.

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