X37, X38 Express Buses Are Back!

Both the X37 and X38 Express buses to Manhattan were returned to service today after being cut just over one year ago.

The routes, which cover Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst and Sea Gate, were taken out of service in June 2010, as part of a measure by the totally not corrupt MTA, meant to close a $800 billion budget gap.

From Transportation Nation:

Deirdre Parker, a spokesperson for the MTA, said that  the agency had  tried to fill gaps in service by creating two bus lines  (the X27B and  the X28B), but “it didn’t really perform as we had  anticipated.” She  said: “There was crowding, traffic delays, it was  like a loading  imbalance,  where you’d have one bus that was too  crowded and another  that was  almost empty.”
There was also a lawsuit, brought by a local politicians and  litigated by a former NYC Taxi and Limousine commissioner,  which  accused the MTA of violating the Americans With Disabilities Act  by  cutting the bus lines. Now that the lines are restored, the suit has   been dropped.

Today also marked yet another in a long line of public relation opportunities for State Senator Marty Golden, who helped initiate the lawsuit against the MTA.

He celebrated the reinstatement of express bus service in front of  pleased commuters… as well as the flashes of his own photographer’s  camera.  

State Senator Marty Golden represents District 22,   which includes Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Gerritsen Beach and Marine   Park; as well as parts of Bensonhurst, Midwood, Gravesend and Sheepshead   Bay.


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