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480 Stratford Is Offering Apartments For Rent


480 Straford: Apts for rent

A neighbor spotted a sign recently advertising apartments for rent at 480 Stratford Road, the seven story, 14 unit building between Ditmas and Dorchester we last wrote about in April. Windsor Homes Realty is offering one bedrooms starting at $1,700, and two bedrooms from $2,100-2,500, depending on the floor.

480 stratford kitchen

From the ads, it looks like there’s in-building laundry, and the 10 two-bedroom and four one-bedroom units will feature electric stoves, fancy “Art Deco” sinks, and hardwood floors.

For more info, call Henri at 917-400-0814 or 347-227-7910.

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  1. So… In a brand new building the kitchens don’t have a full-size oven or a dishwasher? Uggh… this town is absurd.

  2. This building is such an eyesore. It’s like they couldn’t even be bothered to paint the cinderblocks.

  3. Well if it’s my old landlord, he didn’t even finish building the building I lived in. A huge basement with no over head lights at all so Optimum had to use a flashlight to turn on my service (borrowed from a neighbor). And the roof leaked, in addition other little things. My friend thinks he couldn’t fix the roof because he was too busy building this building. As for this new building, that I now live next door to, National Grid totally woke us up Saturday at 8am to do work.

  4. This thing went up rather quickly—which makes it highly suspect. A friend, who lives in a new development in Park Slope warned: if you move into one of these new buildings, make sure you know a lawyer who has experience suing developers. From the look of it, it appears to be a corner cutting frenzy.

  5. That’s a high price to pay to live in such an ugly building. Does the rent include one of those parking spaces that they were required to provide that supposedly is attended 24 hours a day? If they parking attendent isn’t there 24/7 there C of O is fraudulent. If you look at the apartments ask about the attended parking!

  6. From the listing tenant pays for heating and cooling and gets to use a large convection oven too!

  7. I pay $2,100 for a two bedroom with a gas stove and laundry in the unit. I feel ripped off, though, because my sink isn’t art deco.

  8. Such a shame this was allowed to be built. How does this fit into the neighborhood? It looks like shit.

  9. Seriously, what can be done about developers like this coming in and destroying the community?

  10. **That does not mean I condone pricing/establishment.. but I lived across the street for a long time wondering!

  11. Yes, I found his name in an older post on this blog, Jay Loeffler. I never knew his last name (he only gave first name and rent was through a PO Box named after the street address) was but I googled his name plus Brooklyn and 1710 Newkirk came up, where I used to live.

    Also, he finally sent my deposit yesterday and he took out money for “dirty fridge” (wasn’t that clean when I moved in) and holes in the wall, which were from a previous tenant.

    But he gets you to move in with no broker fee. You think you’ve finally found an elusive “no fee” apt. So it’s like, is it worth arguing for $275? I’m kind of just glad to be out.

  12. The zoning was changed after the house on that lot was demolished, but since the foundation of that ugly building was already in they were able to build under the old zoning.

  13. This eyesore is going to remain vacant unless the cut that rent down. I hope the builder who bought the lot and plans from the original developer Loefler loses his shirt. Aproching it from the west it looks like the building is giving the finger to Kensignton!

  14. I’ve heard terrible things about that building, which looks like it was made for about $10K. Did your apartment have closets?

  15. What a fricking POS. It’s no surprise that someone callous and greedy and cynical enough to blight a historical neighborhood with that cube of concrete would act like that.

  16. Haha, yes it did have quite nice closets. But the shelves were unfinished pieces of wood. It’s weird because Jay is very into making things look seemingly nice (ie the art deco sink in the above listing & there was once a guy scrubbing the linoleum hallway floor in 1710, just on the ground floor) but behind it all is, obv. shoddy building and random unfinished bits, like the closet shelves.


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