33 Community Leaders & Activists Endorse Treyger For State Committee

Councilman Mark Treyger and Chris Mccreight (Photos: Facebook)
Councilman Mark Treyger and Chris Mccreight (Photos: Facebook)

Thirty-three activists, advocates, and community leaders from Bay Ridge to Brighton Beach endorsed Councilman Mark Treyger for Democratic district leader in the 46th Assembly District today.

The group, which crossed ethnic, geographic and issue-based constituencies, include seven clergy and members of the religious community, seven tenant and housing activists and several civil rights leaders, veteran’s advocates, community activists, education advocates and leaders from the business community.

“I am overwhelmed by this outpouring of support,” said Treyger. “These community leaders are the backbone of our neighborhoods-leading the charge to improve our schools, ensure safe, quality housing, and advocating for critical social services. I look forward to working with them to help strengthen our communities and elect strong leaders to continue moving Southern Brooklyn forward.”

Below is a full list of folks endorsing Treyger for district leader today:

  • Shirley Aikens – President, Carey Gardens Tenants Association
  • Bishop Hobbs – Coney Island Cathedral of Deliverance
  • Christopher Robles – Community Activist
  • Lakeisha Bowers – Community Activist
  • Queenie Huling – Community Activist
  • Vinny Sampieri – Community Activist
  • Sheila Boyd – Community Activist
  • Boris Lerman – President, American Association of Holocaust Survivors of the Former Soviet Union
  • Ida Sanoff – Brighton Beach Community Activist
  • Rabbi Chaim Brikman – Congregation Kneses Israel of Sea Gate
  • Sophia Lobova – Community Activist
  • Jeff Sanoff – Brighton Beach Community Activist
  • Lauretta Brumfeld – President, Coney Island Houses Tenants Association
  • Victoria Lynch- President, Coney Island Houses Site 8 Tenants Association
  • Robert Santiago – President, Surfside Gardens Tenants Association
  • Deborah Carter – President, Gravesend Houses Tenants Association
  • Pastor Mason –  Christ Temple United Baptist Church
  • Carlo Scissura – President and CEO, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce
  • Steve Chung – Community Activist and Non-profit Leader
  • Cody McCone – Bay Ridge Community Leader
  • Michael Silverman – Community Activist
  • Edwin Comse – Community Activist
  • Rabbi Okunov – Warbasse Jewish Heritage Congregation
  • Sheila Smalls – President, O’Dwyer Gardens Tenants Association
  • Sister Connie – Coney Island Gospel Assembly
  • Alan Podhaizer – Community Activist
  • Barbara Teitelbaum – Community Activist
  • Nadine Dabney – President, Shorefront Democratic Club
  • Marvin Reiskin – Community Activist
  • Pavel Vishnevetsky – President, New York Association of Holocaust Survivors
  • Wanda Feliciano – President, Unity Towers Tenants Association
  • Vladimir Ripa – President, Holocaust Survivors Charity
  • David Wynn – Community Activist

Treyger is competing for the state committee seat — currently occupied by Mark Davidovich, who is retiring from politics — against Bay Ridge Democrats cofounder Chris McCreight, who was recently endorsed by Councilman Vincent Gentile.

A state committeeperson, also known as a district leader, is an unpaid position with a two-year term. Each of Brooklyn’s 21 assembly districts has a male and female district leader. They are responsible for responsible for helping select candidates, staff polling sites and advocating for the community they represent. The Democratic primary will be held on September 13.

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  1. Look at all the people who run organizations that rely on funding from Treyger’s city council member items. Actually, pretty sad he doesn’t have more.

  2. Perhaps, but I am impressed by the breadth of races, ethnicities, religions and causes represented. If Treyger does one thing well, it is seeing to it that all of his constituents get a shot at funding and reaching their goals.

  3. Check again. Some of the people on this list are affiliated with organizations that don’t get a dime in public funding.

  4. I interesting that so many of the “community activist” when you Google their names and “community activist” only appear once – in this press release.

  5. Why don’t you just google their names and see what they have done? That would tell you why they are being called activists. It’s not about the title, its about the actions.

  6. Okay I’ll get right on that. Oh look Cody Mccone was the Preppie Killer attorney. Maybe he can help Assembly woman Harris with her fraud case. Looks like a lot of sweet real estate deals in there too. They’re sure active. Thanks, Anonymous!

  7. Is there a reason that Robert Chambers shouldn’t have been permitted to have an attorney? Last time I checked, every American has a right to legal representation in a court of law.

  8. Maybe you need to take a look at who is working with Chris Mc Creigh. None other than Jonathan Yedin, who used to work for the Advance Group. He messed up Mike Mc Mahon’s congressional race real good when Advance broke those campaign finance laws.

  9. Mark Treyger has always been known to build bridges not use the ” devide and conquer ” strategy of his opponents.
    If you look at his supporters it encompasses all faiths , races , economic conditions of many individuals within the district.
    His opponent is aligned with people who have only one objective, building walls between the residents of the district and get a power grab.
    Mark Treyger is fair and balanced for all of the residents in his district.
    Mark Treyger is an honorable elected official. NYC could use more in his likeness.

  10. Endorsement don’t vote. But I’ll take the bait: how many of these fine folks actually live in the 46th Assembly District? Then again, one of the candidates! doesn’t even live in the 46th so the bar is pretty low.

  11. Zipper :
    Evidently you don’t live in the 46th district. Everyone of those people who have endorsed Mark Treyger live in the district and by the way are all registered DEMOCRATS. In case that was your next question.

  12. Mark doesn’t live in 46 district run in the district you live. and if you move out of the 47 district you should give up your city councilman seat to some one who. will really do the job.

  13. Absolutely all are afforded due process. Anonymous just suggested I Google everyone and that’s the first thing that came up for Cody Mccone. Just due diligence. A few (including Mccone) have done some good things. Some have nothing to note or no civic presence. And most get money from a certain councilmember.

  14. Less than half of the 33 people live in the 46th district. Maybe they are neighbors of Treyger in the 47th Assembly District.

  15. Yedin is Kate Cucco’s longtime boyfriend. MCcreight is on the same ticket with her. You want her to pay her own boyfriend?

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