20 Things To Do With Kids On A Snowy Day

20 Things To Do With Kids On A Snowy Day
Photo by Omri
Photo by Omri

The snow has arrived — the first real storm of the year!

That means most parents are wondering how on earth they’ll entertain those stir-crazy kids for a full 24 hours. Zoning out in front of the TV all day is just not an option when you are 7 and running on sugar. And they’re “sooo boooored.”

We’ve rounded up a handy list of exciting outdoor, indoor, and educational snow day activities – think real snow cones and stove-top s’mores – that are bound to keep the little people in your lives busy all day (and may even be fun for grownups, too!).

Tip: If the snow is coming down pretty dry and powdery, it’s not ideal for snowball fighting or snowman building. The Art of Manliness suggests spraying those flakes down with a garden hose or spray bottle to get the ideal snow-packing texture.

1. Outdoor Fun

2. Indoor Crafts

3. Get Cozy

4. Snow Day Science

Got a favorite snow day activity? Share it in the comments!


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