3 Police And Citizen Commended For Catching 86th St. Stabber

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Here at Bensonhurst Bean, we like stories that show how great things can happen when New York’s Finest work hand in hand with courageous civilians to fight crime.

Today’s Brooklyn Daily Eagle has a great story on three police officers and a resident who all received certificates of honor from the New York State Senate on Tuesday.

On September 21, the four teamed up to apprehend a mugger who had stabbed two individuals he attempted to rob.

From the Eagle:

Police officers Yaser Shohatee and Jeannette Figueroa, of the 68th Precinct, and P.O. Raymond Sinnott, of the World Center Command, who was off-duty at the time the attacks took place and quickly sprang into action, received certificates from state Sen. Marty Golden.
The brief awards ceremony took place on the sidewalk outside the precinct station house at 333 65th St.
Golden praised the “extraordinary work,” done by the cops. The officers “got a dangerous individual off the streets before he could do more harm,” Golden said. Larry Vento, a local resident who just happened to be at the scene and followed the suspect, also accepted a certificate from Golden. Vento was modest about the honor.
“The cops are the real heroes, not me,” he said

The first incident took place on 86th Street near the corner of Fourth Avenue.

Larry Vento and his wife Denise were out walking their dog when they witnessed the first stabbing.

The suspect, who police identified as Anthony Lewis, 48, approached a man demanding money. Capt. Richard DiBlasio, commanding officer of the 68th Precinct told reporters that when the victim refused to hand over the cash, he was stabbed in the leg.

Vento said the victim was bleeding so profusely, he feared the man would lose his leg.

Lewis then allegedly entered the 86th Street R Train Station and approached a second victim, who also refused to give up his hard earned money and was stabbed by the suspect.

As Lewis ran back onto the street, Vento followed at a safe distance.

At the same time, Officers Shohatee, a U.S. Army veteran who recently completed two tours of Afghanistan, and Figueroa, a U.S. Marine veteran, arrived on the scene. Officer Sinnott, who was not working and just happened to be passing by, also joined the chase.

Lewis was soon spotted near Fifth Avenue and 92nd Street and was quickly taken into custody by the three officers.

He was charged with robbery and criminal possession of a weapon.