3 More Days for Park Florist Deals

3 More Days for Park Florist Deals

Earlier this month, The Park Florist announced they were ending their 40+ year run in the neighborhood at the end of June. And with the calendar closing in, there are only 3 days left to get your piece of floral history and/or a cheap vase. The shop’s still liquidating the last of their stock, and judging from yesterday’s crowd (OH: “This is my favorite store in the neighborhood!!”), it seems like Park Slope is serious about its interior flora.

But although the store’s pretty picked over at this point, there are plenty of items still up for grabs, all of them now 60% off (50% off furnishings).

Your best bet seems to be vases. Lots and lots of vases. A tiny sample:

Also: wreaths, dried arrangements, and what can only be described as knick-knacks (floral accessories?)

The furniture — an incredibly appealing array of shabby-chic tables, shelves, and chairs that belong in the apartment of someone that I am not but wish I was — is mostly gone, or soon to be so (everything seems to have a “sold” tag). That said, a handful of nice piece are still looking for homes. I’m partial to this plant stand/library step:

Found any treasures?