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2800 Coyle Street: Co-op Of Corruption

Ronnette Gleizer was one of more than 20 residents of 2800 Coyle Street protesting the co-op board
in the building's lobby

Residents of a Sheepshead Bay co-op apartment building have turned a series of disagreements into an ugly, bitter, and personal fight pitting neighbor against neighbor.

The worst part is, it can happen in almost any co-op.

The entrance to 2800 Coyle Street sits about halfway up the block, between Emmons Avenue and Shore Parkway. Last Tuesday, January 26, all was quiet on the sleepy street. But inside, about 20 disgruntled residents gathered in the lobby donning protest signs and trading war stories about the building’s overseers.

They said they were there to oppose the “Tyranny and Corruption of the Majority Board of Directors,” specifically five members of the eight member board that they say run the gamut from incompetent, to corrupt, to an organized crime syndicate. (Technically the board has nine members, including one appointed by the sponsor, LeFrak organization, who remains neutral.)

“It’s just amazing the tactics that they use,” said Diane D’Agostino, a former vice president of the board. “It’s like I’m not even living in the United States of America. I have never been treated so horrendously as I have been by this board. It’s terrible.”

From a thick folder, D’Agostino produced documents that she and other residents say are a trail of fraud, embezzlement, extortion, and a criminal-level conspiracy to cover it all. Supporters of the minority board are chock full of anecdotes about harassment, nepotism, and waste.

There’s the girl who was allowed to have a dog if she signed a proxy vote in support of the majority board, and the man who was refused approval to buy his mother-in-law an apartment because he opposed them. There was the time an elderly blind woman with a dying son needed some documents approved but was told to first sign a similar proxy, and the dozens of affidavits from people who say they were tricked into recanting their support for a special meeting to dethrone the board when they needed repairs done to their apartment.

“It’s bullshit,” said Konstantin Zheleznyakov, the building’s treasurer at the time we spoke. “It’s just these people. Three hundred people live here, but this is twenty. I’ve done a very good job for this building. I saved money. Everything. The previous times were full of corruption.”

Upstairs in his apartment, with his daughter serving as translator, Zheleznyakov shows me a folder like D’Agostino and begins pouring through it. The board’s documents, he said, show that many of the things they are accused of happened before they were board members and are actually crimes of the previous board. In other cases it’s misunderstandings or results of mistakes in paperwork. And in most cases it’s outright lies, told by the minority group so they can regain control of the building.

To be fair, I can’t make heads or tails of the documents on either side. Their arguments sound eerily similar, their accusations near reflections, and their mutual distrust palpable.

Making matters worse, there are no oversight agencies for co-ops to look into complaints. Without verification, distrust festers and neighborly relations fail. In my discussions with people on both sides of the issue, actors on either side were described as idiots, animals, beasts, witches, ugly, fat, liars and on and on.

Residents have tried complaining to the Attorney General, the District Attorney, and even the FBI, but the allegations are either too small (FBI), out of their jurisdiction (Attorney General), or the office is understaffed to handle the complaints (District Attorney).

“They want a whole case laid out in front of them,” said Ronnette Gleizer. “But how can we make a case without access to the files?”

“There’s no one that can give an answer. There’s no one that really cares,” said former Board President Sophie Zimilevich.

Meanwhile, renters and disinterested shareholders are caught in the middle.

“It’s a pig sty, there are cockroaches, cigarette butts, and the hallways are never cleaned, the incinerators never cleaned,” said one renter who asked not to be named.

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About 60 residents turned out for a 4 hour meeting to depose the board

The protest was scheduled in advance of a special meeting called that week to displace the majority members of the board.

The meeting kicked off at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday night, and before attendance was even taken residents were accusing each other of malfeasance.

It’s no surprise. Merely getting to that point was months in the making, as the minority group solicited signatures from 25 percent of shareholders (In co-ops, unit owners do not actually own the property. Instead they own shares in a corporation that owns the building.). During the process, members collecting signatures say they were followed by board members bent on intimidating residents out of signing. The police, they say, were called four times and the board members told to back off.

After residents pooled together $5,000 to hire an attorney, they collected signatures from 30 percent of shareholders. The minority group said they were denied the right to meet as the majority board – needed for a quorum in any meeting – would not attend. Ultimately a court order was required.

But the four-hour special meeting at the Golden Gate Inn did little to solve the problem. The same laws used to govern corporate structure apply to most New York City co-ops, a confusing mess of procedures and formulas called the Business Corporation Law.

In the end, though nearly 90 percent of outstanding shareholders were represented and the opposition group had a clear win of 54 percent of those votes, they only were able to remove one of the four members they targeted – the board’s treasurer, Zheleznyakovst. And until the next election, that seat will be filled by an appointment of the majority board, meaning there has been zero shift in the building’s power structure.

The confusion of the BCL angered many residents, who don’t understand why an archaic corporate document is applied to a residence, though none of the protective agencies are tasked with overseeing them.

“If we’re not governed by any government agency because we’re a private organization, why should the BCL override our black book?” asked D’Agostino. “Why would the BCL get involved and put a smokescreen over our election?”

Many at the special meeting also were plainly disillusioned – some in tears – wondering why the board members can still cling to power when the majority of residents want to see them tossed out.

But worse than the confusing legal mess (and a lawsuit has been promised by the opponents) is the damage the election has done to those who made their opinions known. D’Agostino said the board, which governs residential life for the building’s 157 units, is a vindictive group of people. Unhappy residents won’t be able to sell their property, will be hassled about repairs, and will be harassed and fined at every opportunity.

“I feel like Big Sister is watching,” she said in reference to the board’s president, Svetlana Marmer. “The ones that did come [to the meeting] came out in the cold, they supported us, they did all this work. And now I’ve put them in jeopardy. They made themselves sitting ducks.”

D’Agostino has already approached State Senator Carl Kruger and Councilman Lew Fidler and others about getting protection for the building’s residents, but it doesn’t appear much will be done.

Though the story is far from over, the hope is that 2800 Coyle Street will serve as an example to lawmakers about the lack of regulation and oversight from city and state authorities. With an inexperienced board of volunteers, mismanagement and abuse are hard to tell apart. Independent oversight would reestablish crucial lines of trust.

“The people are not bad,” said current minority board member Neil Thompson. “There are people doing funny stuff, but nobody’s showing us a document by the city or state that either’s documents are wrong or right. So it’s all politics. It’s people’s attitudes that run on their emotions and not their business sense.”

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  1. Most coops have the same issues, I own 2 coops and have the same problems at both buildings. There should be regulations to control coop boards. People are being discriminated and picked upon just because they don't have a good relationship with one board member or the management company.

  2. I wish the residents of Seacrest Towers, aka Sheepshead's giant white eyesores, would band together and do something about their management. Still with a handful of apartments left to renters, I had rented within the building after moving out of my folks' place (shareholders). It's lovely how the two buildings that face the highway are kept near pristine, yet the ones facing the sewage treatment plant look like slums and have a deplorable mouse infestation that I was told (when complaining, as a renter) was impossible because “their brother lived their 14 years ago and there was never a problem.”


    They closed up the pool to make a sitting garden that nobody uses. They hire “security guards” that sit there and talk on the phone while people's tires get slashed (residents may remember the 22 some-odd cars on Bragg Street that got slashed a few years ago). Their maintenance men do quick repairs, patch things and seal over problems that need significant repair.

    I'm ranting, but, nothing beats the two weeks my kitchen was filled with 2 inches of filthy water and my closets sustained significant water damage after their hot water heater exploded, and their appeasement to me was to take $16.75 off my rent.

    Thanks for the Bounty towels, management. Go f*** yourselves.

  3. My mother lives in this building. The stories I hear of how the maintenance money disappears and how the gas bill for the entire building is not paid for the year because the money went missing. And how the Russians that live in the building feel threatened
    to vote against the current board members out of fear. The super is suppose to live in the building but instead he rents out his apartment and lives elsewhere. Collecting money that is not rightfully his. The building requires that he live on the property and be available 24/7. No one is able to enforce this. I hear stories about the board members renting out parking spots from the garage that don't belong to them and collecting the money for their pockets. The best one yet, there is a mortgage company that sold an non existant apartment and they and the board member involved collected the money. This non sense has been going on for years and years. These board members are stealing money from the residents and there seems to be no stopping them. Not too long ago, they hired a company to repair all the balconies and it was learned that they were involved with the board memebers and guess who pocketed some of the money paid…the board members. There has to be someone in power that can investigate this and put these people behind bars for a very long time.

  4. Hey I have a suggestion for you guys.

    Stop paying maintenance. First off IANAL, but I've read other cases where this was done. If services are not being provided then stop paying the maintenance fee. Put that money in an Escrow Account. When this finally goes to court you can show that you've been setting the money aside while the issue is in dispute and that you can pay the entire amount once everything is resolved.

    Once the board doesn't have money coming in things will progress a bit faster.

  5. My wife and I live in this building and the accusations against some of the board members are backed up by facts. Several of the boardmembers have fabricated co-op shares representing apts that do not exist and borrowed $1 million from Chase using these fictiscious apts as collateral. We've seen copies of the documents that back this up. One of these fictiscious apts. is listed as “For Sale” right now on Google.

    The super no longer lives in the building, owns several homes bought on his “super's salary” and does construction work in the building for one of the boardmember's construction company when he's should be doing building repairs for us. This same boardmember's construction company also performed the renovations on our terraces which is a direct conflict of interest-the job was approved by the board's President who runs around the building bullying the less informed into signing proxies.
    This corruption extends to relatives of the boardmembers and has been going on for years.

  6. really!!! I even do not know that in your building selling soo luxury apartments for $ 1million. I think you soo stupid if you don't know such simple things that no one bank (in that case such big bank as Chase) never can't give approve for the mortgage on not existing property. If you bought you apartment you can know; before approving, three or five people from bank go to buying property to give appraisal.



  9. If gas bill is not paid for the year, so, how your mother live without gas???
    I hear stories about in this building lives a lot of crazy people who claim to court, to FBI, etc and never give response from such organizations because it is not true and they not have evidence about fake mortgage and etc. No one can't investigate because nothing to investigate and they very well know about it.
    I also hear that a lot of people who live there fear that come previous board and that day will end of 2800 coyle street. As a result, your mother not even live without gas, but and without property. She will be live with you.

  10. Most coops have the same issue, but not all coops has such people who continuously spreads lies about current board members, and turned many people against them to serious harm their reputation. These people is commits unethical acts towards the shareholders who live in the building.

  11. FYI: The comments from Zelman, Vadim & Rosa all originated from the same IP address and likely are the same person. Please try to use the same “handle” or nickname for all your comments. Thank you.

  12. Is it possible that there are three people living at the same address, using the same computer, each one writing a comment? Just curious.

  13. i am real estate agent and many my customers want live in this building,becouse maint. charge it lowes in this area,playground,gym,doorman,many parking on the street.Few shareholders like to be in charge (of couse money!!),any constraction,repair it board decide.Use to be board member sue the building to make money (it crazy) and i hope good luck for board memeber who did win last week…..

  14. First of all, I would seriously consider changing your profession because you do not seem very knowledgeable about the building. There is no more doorman because he was fired by the brainless board which increased shareholder's insurance payments. The gym should really be called a sauna as it is so hot in there and there are no windows. Also, by the way it costs money to buy a key to use the “gym”, and there is definitely not a lot of parking on the street, and if think there is- you are delusional. Secondly, the board did not win- the MAJORITY of the building voted to get them, the rest will be dealt with in court. The rest of what you wrote, I can not even respond to as it is not even English, but some random english words strung together to form no coherent thought.

  15. Leon as a real estate agent you do not know your facts. We have no doorman, there is absolutly no parking after 6pm on the streets, the gym is a 2by4 and filthy and no ventilation. As for the construction as you state the Board decides any constrution. Well, let me tell you something and set you straight, your friends on the Board took the building to court in 2008 to stop the construction so they can bring their own company in the building to do the job (conflict of interest and violating our Black Book). So who was making the money? It was four of your friends that u are sticking up for. As for the lawsuit, what would u do if the Board especially one tries to defraud you out of your home,not collecting your maintenance, putting bogus charges on your monthly statement to try to put you in an illegal forclosure, calling your bank where you have your mortgage and demanding the bank to pay all nine months of maintenance that was paid into a direct deposit and collecting another payment from the bank which included legal fees,late fees,the bogus charges and maintenance that was in the Co-0p account. The bank now wanted to accelerate the mortgage(if you don’t know what accelerate means it means to call back the mortgage in full. This was meant to hurt the Shareholder financially and give a senior woman a heart attack or give up her home. Nice friends you have. If you don’t believe this ask to see the deposition where Igor Galust admits to stop collecting maintenance, no bills to substantiate the bogus charges and admits he wanted her apartment. What a nice guy.Supreme Court does not pay a settlement nor does the Insurance Company unless there is a great deal of evidence and she had it along with witness’. To add salt to an open wound, this pirate also turned the employees against this woman, where one physically struck her in the breast where she had to get operated on. The only one that is crazy is your friends on the Board. There is no money in the building, anyone that wants to sit on the Board for the betterment of the building is crazy, the only ones that want to remain is the current sitting Board, because they are afraid that if a new Board comes in, there will be a forensic audit done on the building which is going to happen soon. As for a winner there is no winner yet, we are going to Supreme Court and argue the truth and law. If I were you I would get a different occupation, you are very insensative to the truth and a homeowners hardship. One day we will all meet our makers, you have a lot to answer for. What goes around comes around, this could happen to someone in your family, maybe you.

  16. There is nothing interesting, just a regular story for coop: someone was not allowed to have a dog at home, someone lost his garage spot because of inappropriate usage of it. Now you can see an example of USHEMENNIE who are trying to get a revenge. There are always someone who complains when regulations and rules are applied. Everything is usually started with a little thing and then it grows into a huge personal war: rumors, neighbor against neighbor.

  17. No, everybody knows in the building, that organizer and exaggerator is the one who was not allowed to buy an apartment for his step mother and whose garage was forbidden for him to use as a parking lot for his business. For a whole year he keeps trying to get a revenge and keeps lying. A very primitive story. Even now, on this page, he keeps writing, writing, and writing. I was able to recognize him based on his way of writing and ridiculous stories. This page is like a present for him, because before, as a coward, the only thing he could do is at night, hiding in the hallways from everybody’s sight of seeing, spread enormous amounts of letter and put the under the residence doors. It is his life. It is a diagnosis. You just have to look at it as an irony.

  18. He has a helper- an famous lady, who, all her life tries to sue everyone. Probably, she earns a lot by doing it. It is like a profession.

  19. It is logical, that if an opposition invites a reporter, the report will be in a favor of that opposition. I am able to base it according to that report. In this report it tell you only the subjective points of you of that opposition. The opinion and ideas of the board are just briefly stated- just to be a little tactical. ( not stating as a reminder, that the interview with the board was going for about 2 hours. During that interview all the documents were provided)

    This is very unprofessional!
    There is nothing else to read.
    You don’t have to answer. I am leaving now and will not come back here.

  20. That’s not compensation, that’s criminality. I wonder what percentage of the building is owned by the sponsor? From my experience the buildings that are 100% or near 100% coops are extremelly mismanaged. I like buildings where the sponsor holds at least a 20% of the interest. There is less of this nonsense going on (maybe my observation is incorrect but that is what I have seen). As far as the management companies, Newport Management (based in Boro Park) is one of the better management companies I have dealt with. I am not the only person who thiks that either as I have heard the same from a number of people in the industry. Another good management company is Bay Ridge Management Corp.

    Now that I am reading all these thingsm I am really glad I did not make an offer on the apartment.

  21. I looked at an apartment in this building as an investor but decided not to make an offer. I just did not have a very good feeling about the building. Generally speaking I believe that at least someone on the board, perhaps the president, needs to be paid for their services. Being on a Coop board is a significant commitment and when there is compensation it's easier to hold the board members accountable. It also sounds to me from the observer perspective that the buillding has the wrong management company. Have the shareholders looked into changing the management company?

  22. Hi Alex! The sponsor in our building owns about 15% of the shares, which he is trying to get rid of. Can’t say I blame him! Thank you for your suggestions. Unfortunately, the shareholders have no control over which management company the building uses, as they need to use the management company which is the most lucrative for them. A normal management company does not last very long in this building. LOL

  23. This building needs to start from scratch. There should be new board-all new faces without damaged reputation. What you have now is a continuation of the board of directors dating back to 2003: depleted reserve account, conflict of interest in terms of capital improvement contracts, discrimination, extortion. I hear that even now, president of the board approaches shareholders who did not sign for her trying to intimidate them. THIS IS WRONG! People should not be afraid. People have a right to choose. If the majority of the shareholders do not want these people on the board of directors, the board must listen! This is what happened at special meeting. shareholders made their choice to remove current board. Why are they still fighting to stay on? Use your imagination………………………………….

  24. I think that the reporter did a great job! He met with both sides, did outside research and wrote an unbiased, objective article, which did not choose sides but voiced the concerns of all parties, as well as pointing out that other co-ops face similar problems due to the lack of an oversight agency.
    In America, writing about dissenting opinions is not unprofessional!!
    Thank you for a great article Sheepsheadbites!!!!

  25. Very well put, you seem to know your facts, it's a pleasure to read what intellegent people write, especially those who are sensative to others and what we really are going through in this building. There is Facism and communisim properganda depicted by the Board, Shareholders are threatned on a continuous basis, repairs are not done for them if they don't sign a proxy for them, threatning legal letters go to shareholders threatning to take their shares away, irresponsible lawsuits are created by the Board against Shareholders. This Leon is a complete twit.

  26. Alex, The Board is compensated plenty through their misdeeds, that's why we don't have money in the building. Bills have to be paid through the reserve account. When we refinanced our mortgage, the Board refused to refinance at a rate of 5.90, instead went with a friend that works for WAMU(Chase) for a rate of 6.175, costing the building $435.00 more a month on mortgage payments, getting points in back of the mortgage of almost 2million dollars is great compensation. Bringing in your Construction Company to renovate the building is another huge compensation wouldn't you say so? As for the Management Company we had 4 in two years. All Area was one they couldn't wait to be fired, the Board refused to work with them and gave them no information on the building. Arco Wentworth was fired before All Area came for improprieties, like shreading paper in the Board room with the Super and an ex Board member. Than there was Aris Properties, they were very good, they really wanted to help the building, but the Board refused to work with them and they quit within 3 months, now we have Cooper Square aka Marvin Gold aka Arco aka Wentworth aka Arco Wentwork aka Cooper Square, which signs off on their financials as Wentworth. What a Web the Board wove for us. It is a shame that we need help to oversee our building, such as hopefully Government intervention to protect us. The Attorney General whom approved of our bylaws and it is not abided by Board members. The President of our Board stated that there is no such thing as a Constitution, she is the Constitution she makes the laws in the building and all should adhere to her laws.

  27. What you say is true, I have seen these documents and they are being investigated.The President of the Board is a tyrant, she goes around threatning Shareholders for not signing their proxy. She used our money to renovate her kitchen. She paid of two Shareholders $3,000 each to sign her proxy. She went with at 6.175 mortgage instead of a 5.90 because her friend was giving her a yield spread in back of the mortgage,resulting in the building paying $435.oo more a month in mortgage payments. The Board brought in their own company to do the construction on the building and for friends in the building that signed her proxy during election she did work in their apartments through the construction company passing it on the building with what is know as a change order. They put cheap railing on the balcony from China, that is already rusting and denting. They put it on horizontally instead of vertically so if a child climbs the railing they will go off the balcony. They were warned by three others sitting on the Board at the time railings were going up to rethink the structure of the railings but they wanted only to make decisions. The President of the Board along with the Attorney for the building whom the Board brought in without a Board meeting or minutes and is a friend extorted a proxy from a Shareholder. The womans son was in the hospital dying of cancer, she need a copy of her certificate of shares for legal purposes, the two told her to come to the attorneys office to sign documents, when she got there they told her they would only accomadate her if she signed a proxy for them for the shareholders election coming up ina few days, the woman being in duress was forced to sign the proxy, but came to the meeting and told everyone what they did to her and recanted her vote to the opposition. God Bless her. Her son died that night. This is what is running 2800 Coyle Street Owners Corp. For those idiots that stick up for these people, one day all this should happen to them and their families.

  28. If you have a friend in the title Company (abstract) which they do, they all work together and they did. The certificate of Shares was illegal as you must know it is not hard to get false license, and other documents, well they also falseified the stock certificates for the bank. That is how it is done. They took out mortgages on apartments that don't exist, it was approved by the Board member, Vice President sitting on the Board at that time. He too is going to jail. All involved is now selling off their apartments, doesn't that tell you something.

  29. The truth is the truth, nobody has any reason to go after anyone if they are doing the right thing. Why do you run from the truth? Why don't you want to see the facts? Many people in our building won't hear the truth they feel as long as they do for me, why should I care. Well, when the building goes into bankrupcy we will all pay, when the mortgages are called back that they took, we will all pay because it was an agent for the building whom approved this ponsey scheme on mortgages.

  30. You got that right. It is the Board. I know they can't spell they speak like they spell. It is most indubitably them. It is a pleasure to know there is someone intellegent out there.

  31. Of course, I’m very understand you, gym not for you, it very expensive to buy key and a lot of people who live in your building can’t use it. I’m very sorry. It is simply seems when the person has weight of a hippopotamus. Some friendly advise: you can use “gym” as a sauna. There are many health benefits to using a sauna. The mental and physical benefits to using a sauna are plenty, and if you have the opportunity to use one, you should take advantage of it! It works as a stress reliever by helping you to relax and unwind. And last and most important: Saunas cause your body to burn a lot of calories, it is best a weight loss system. Taking a sauna is an enjoyable experience for most, but it appears as though saunas can actually do away with excess fat.
    If you will be use “gym” as a sauna you can claim use it for free. I think nobody not will be disagree.
    P.S. and second things about you, You should be little bit polite in your worlds about English, changing profession etc.
    Good Luck!!!!!

  32. PEACE & NEIGHBOR. Stop writing from the same IP address. You better believe is that when people are deprived of their rights they will take it personally and will fight back.
    Yes, this is a common problem in some coops. I own a coop and and never heard anything like this. My suggestion to all board of directors through out NYC: LIVE AND LET LIVE!!! Run an honest business. Make your building stand out! Make your shareholders proud of your building. After all, you live here too. If you as a board member see most of the shareholders are unhappy, step down and ask the new board if they can do a better job.
    Can some one tell me how many apartments in this building and what is the reserve fund available today after all outstanding bills have been paid? Only then we all can judge if the board of directors at 2800 Coyle is doing a great job. It is that simple!
    May be our ‘neighbor in peace’ can tell?

  33. Some have more serious issues than others, I agree that most power should be taken away from Board members. They should only be in charge of overseeing the Management Company that should be doing all the work that's what they are there for. Management should be paying bills, getting bids for construction, overseeing repairs for the building, internally and externally. They should collect arrears, they should enforce the rules, not Board members that hold a vendetta if a Shareholder does not vote them into office. There should also be an agency to act as a arbitrator/intermedia like the Council for New York Co-op's.
    Hopefully, co-op's will be evaluated by a Government Agency and we can all live in peace and free from stress.

  34. You first who go to jail for the lie. You don't not have evidence or any truthful proof. And you very well know about it. It is unbelievable!!!!! I think you have some kind of personal obsession for them. it seems like you just talk too much, but can't do nothing because it is a LIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

  35. I do not know how to get false license, and other documents. I see you very well knowledgeable about how to make fake papers. It is interesting!!!!

  36. I must agree with you Coyle Street Owners, the reporter gave equal time to both sides, nobody can help if the Treasurer needed an intrepretor, a Corporation office should learn to speak bilingual. How can he interpret the financial condition if he cannot speak English? What kind of a Corporation lacks the English language in America? Reading the reporters article gave the reader a clear perspective of what truly goes on in a Co-op and the urgency for some kind of intervention to oversee the books as well as, the power crazy people running the Corporation. The reporter did an excellent job with this story, to be continued.

  37. Your have the audacity to write a comment such as this and call yourself peace. The correct defination of peace is as follows:freedom from disturbance. That is what we want and have not had it in 8 years, six years when this current Board majoritys friend had reign, one year of peace and now two years once again terrorism. Boards are suppose to oversee the management Company they had hired, the management Comany is suppose to do all other management tasks. This Board threatens, extorts signatures to remain in power, embezzles money and continuously breaches their fiduciary duty to all shareholders. If Shareholders came after me with a vengence when I was truly doing the best for the building, I would resign and tell them if you can do a better job than me, you take over. Instead, the President Svetlana Marmer and Treasurer Konstantin Zhelenyakov, Secretary Guennadi Startchenko and VP Felix Zalavanskiy refuse to step down, why? What is so great to be a Board member if you are not getting anything out of it. And you call yourself peace?

  38. It is evident that you are a friend of the Majority Board member, or the Board themselves. It seems that you are up all night stalking the halls waiting for these intresting flyers to come out. It seems you don’t know what the word primitive means, let me help you define it:undeveloped. When the letters were sent they were sent with evidence attached, such as current financial statements and not from 2008 as the majority Board sent around two weeks ago, primitive should have applied to them. Get your facts straight, you are the irony in which you use a tone that spills out lies and deceit and revolation of the truth. Documents which constitutes proof does not lie and that’s what you are afraid of. The only way you try to dispell your venomous lies and properganda is to write on these blogs as opposed to addressing the true facts. Why don’t you become a real man.

  39. Denn, you should know you get your tactics from Russia. Who knows better than you.Yes she is famous for what is right and justified. The last I heard who is an independant decision maker hears the facts and circumstances and renders a decision. Apparently, from what you wrote she has won therefore, she must have been in the right and the law has protected her. Apparently, you come from the school Stalin.

  40. Condop, you are correct the building does need to start from scratch, there should be all new faces running the Board, omitting all those who ran before. What else should happen there should be an independent agency sitting along with the Board so that the Board does not cross the corporate vail and leave themselves wide open for litigation as in the past. When a Board member commits a crime or breaches their ficiduciary duty to Shareholders the only way to solve these problems is by taking them to court, there is no other way to solve a Corporate crime. As I understand it, this building had a legal action, lost and the Board member was advised not to rerun on the Board again. To eliminate this from happening again is to put people on that really want to make a difference and not to sit there for self interest. Instead of the idiot attacking the famous woman that won the legal battle, why not attack the criminal that caused the lawsuit in the building? To the jerk that made the statement, in order to commence with a legal action a crime had to be committed, if you have evidence and prevail then an injustice was done. You must be a friend of the criminal that started a legal battle against the building.

  41. Denn, The only one that earned a lot of money was the criminal (your friend) that started the legal battle for the building. The reason he started this attack was to hide that he linked a checking account into the laundry account in the building so to funnel his and the supers private construction company, in which the building paid for their employees and materials and bonus to the super and for employees to watch out for the building department while they did their own illegal renovations. That’s who made the money. What the famous lady learned is that nobody can try to take her home from her,fine her illegally or do anything else to her to infringe on her privacy and home. In this country we don’t steal, get food stamps, do illegal renovations, not pay taxes and sell drugs, we work hard for our money and the courts don’t give money without damages, so learn our laws or go back to Russia, maybe you miss it there it is your custom.

  42. Correction on last paragragh” You must be a friend of the criminal that started the legal battle for the building”. Not only did this individual start a legal battle for the building but he also stole over $600,000 from the building. Sold four apartments that the co-op owned and never put the profit into the building, attached a checking account into the laundry account to funnel his own private construction business with the super, the building paid for his employees and materials and fines. Who is the famous one now Denn

  43. Adding a government oversight committee might seem like a good idea, but i think the government is getting into areas that they shouldn't, that aside, i think we should thunder dome this crap…last man standing wins!
    it would make things so much easier.

  44. Agreed!The Board of Directors is a “non-paying” position. As proved at the meeting to remove the majority of the board, most of the people don’t want them. The ones that do, are just afraid of them or related. Instead of paying legal fees from owners money to keep their positions, at least 2 of them should step down and ask the other side to replace them. Not just replace them with another relative. Then at least this would at give the board a true balance. We need qualified people to run a corporation. No a lunch-room lady, construction worker and singer/snake-oil seller. The majority board’s friend from a previous board that is guiding them, sold over 600K worth of the co-op owned apartments and the money is unaccounted for. If an owner wanted to sell their apt. he acted as the (unlicensed)realestate broker collecting a 2K cash fee from the seller. I don’t if the buyer had to also pay. If you tried to sell it otherwise, he would not approve the sales. Also let me clarify the construction he and the super did with no license or permit in apartments was major structural construction, knocking down walls, kitchens, etc. This small but overpowering group is giving Russians bad name! Soviet Union gone.We want to live in fair, free environment.

  45. Marina, well written. What you wrote is right on the money. Keep up the good work. By the way Igor Galust collected 3,000 from a shareholder that sold her apartment, he went all the way to her new home in Queens, N.Y. to collect her money. I know someone who knows her and told her the story of what he did to her. So this is fact, not heresay. The same individual sold four apartments and pocketed all the proceeds, he sold it for offering price and pocketed the rest, it should have been sold for market price to build up the reserve in our building, he did not do it that way. His ex-wife divorced him because of his drug habit and what he was doing to the building and to shareholders and the Insurance Company for the building asked him to step down.

  46. In conclusion, we can clearly seem that Famous women disturbed emotional reactions, aggression towards all people around her by witting a lot of interesting tales. She retirement and has a lot of free time to write such kind of stories. It is not a profession, it is schizoaffective, aggressive mental diagnosis.
    A mental disorder or mental illness is a psychological or behavioral pattern that occurs in an individual and is thought to cause distress or disability that is not expected as part of normal development or culture. A person have primary symptoms such as delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, disorganized behavior along with a period of time when he or she also has symptoms of major a manic episode.
    Mental disorders can arise in many cases there is no single accepted or consistent cause currently established. A common view is that disorders result from exposed by stress or when person hardly want something and can’t to reach her goal. For example, during all long life person wants to be a president of the building…..but can’t do it. It is a big problem for him. He can’t eat, sleep and even live. He wants achieve his maniacal goal by any way and in any time.
    Clinical conceptions of mental illness also overlap with cultural values and in the realm of morality and social behavior. It is maybe dangerous for people who live around.
    But, he/she don’t need to be upset. First of all, when you fell attack you can bite your wall. And then treatment and support may be provided in psychiatric hospitals, clinics or any of a diverse range of community mental health services. It is important to start treatment as soon as possible.
    Also you can read the article from, “People with Mental Illness Enrich Our Lives” There are a lot of information about Famous people throughout history who have had a serious mental illness.
    People in mental distress still know what helps them recover but they are not listened to and rarely have a say in their treatment.
    There are a number of ways that you can make life better! Thank you for your interest and attention.

  47. Dear neighbor, it seams that you have been hospitalized for mental disorder. I am truly sorry for you illness. You seem to love to attack people, this blog is for comments on how to correct a co-op in distress. Our discussions are to try and reveal the problems that are occuring in a place where all want to live in peace. We want our repairs done after all our maintenance that we pay is to provide these services. The people that volenteer for a position should know their boundries and not cross the corporate vail. You are a cruel person whoever you are and I know who you are. Your sound like a devil and seem to need help yourself. You can’t write english or make a coherent sentence. I suggest you take your own advise and get the help you suggest for others. You are in need of many prayers, you write as if you are possessed.

  48. Dear neighbor for your convience the local hospital closest to you that contains a mental facility is Coney Island Hospital. They also treat unsocial behavior that relates to criminal activities such as stealing,embezzeling and harrassing neighbors. These disorders can be helped with medication or jail time. Which ever is your preference. I sincerely hope you get the help you need since you did so much research on the topic, or know from past hopitalization. When you rage on the internet means you are in desperate need of help and are calling out for it. I am sure the next time you rage on the blog we will help you with our suggestions, after all metal illness is a serious disease. To all blog members Please reach out to this member (Neighbor) and provide as much medical assistance as possible.

  49. The outward signs of a mental illness are often behavioral. Individuals may be extremely withdrawn. Denial of obvious illness. Conversely, he or she may burst into tears or have outbursts of anger. Even after treatment has started, individuals with a mental illness can exhibit anti-social behaviors.
    There are a lot of symptoms:
    Confused thinking
    Excessive fears, worries and anxieties to be harrassing, embezzeling.
    Social withdrawal
    Dramatic changes in eating or sleeping habits
    Strong feelings of anger to somebody, by calling to Police without any cause.
    Delusions or hallucinations.
    Denial of obvious illness.
    Substance abuse
    When in public, these behaviors can be disruptive and difficult to accept.

  50. It is not useful conversation. I see you cannot imagine something new. In Old age the older brain tissue loss is most obvious on its surface. There is unmistakable shrinkage in the natural convolutions in brain tissue. As a result, person can’t think clearly.

  51. In young age does brain tissue only think STEAL and make money at any expense? If you are speaking about the president, she couldn’t have had too much brain tissue even when she was young. So lets not pick on her and stay with issue. Building is NOT being run by impartial, honest,intellegent persons.The current board only thinks I must stay on the board or I will loose a LOT of personal, tax free income. Why won’t at least two of you step down, and let two people be placed by the current boards opposing side. Afraid of not having “yes” people on the board? What part of the brain governs FEAR?!!!

  52. Reader, now if you would just leave the building and not come back. As you stated the reporter met with the board for 2 hours and provided documentation. i guess the reporter saw through your “documentation”. Again, this is USA not Soviet Union, just because the opposition invites a reporter there are no favors. Reporters fairly report what they find. They are not bribed by invitations, money, work, etc.

  53. Neighbor, Exactly! The old famous women who uses coercion to get peoples proxy and has men on the board like puppets. The puppets dance when she holds those illegal dollars out they are making. She must be old mistress of Stalin.

  54. Neighboor (you are a boor) why don’t you write about constructive things, intellegent topics or creative ideas, it seems that your brain has lost tissue. By the way you spell it it is obvious that you suffered from a stroke and clearly lost all your libido. What I forgot you will never learn. What I know you are too stupid to comprehend. Have a good day you and the President who has no brain tissue at all.

  55. FYI Thresh is defined as to seperate grain from chaff by use of machine. My dear illiterate please learn the command of English. Get a life. By the way it was wise of you to take my advise and seek treatment at Coney Island Hospital, I hope they gave you the proper medication to treat your mental illness. I do hope the medication will work for you.

  56. Peace, the probelem here is the Board of Directors are not complying with the rules and regulations of the co-op. The President of the BOD did a transfer of shares from her sons apartment and did not pay the transfer fees, everyone else does. The President of the and others that hold an officer’s position on the BOD does not pay sublet fees everyone else does. The President of the BOD has a cat, the rules are no pets, cats are pets too. The BOD President takes money from the co-op and pays certain shareholders for proxies to be signed to keep her in power, if someone else took money for the same reason they would be called a theif. The list goes on and on. There is no personal war, we just don’t like getting ripped off, that is our right to fight for our investment. If someone stuck their hand in your pocket would you complain or allow them to take your money without a fight? These things are not little, misappropriation of Corporate funds is not a light matter, nor is it a revenge problem.

  57. It is doesn’t matter for me thresh or trash or something. I really know who are you. I see you denied your dangerous disease. It is a first and major symptom of schizophrenia is-Personal Stories, when person disorganized own thoughts. And disorganized speech, these are also called “word salads”. Ongoing disjointed or rambling monologues – in which a person seems to talking to himself/herself. It is very often happened after ’70s, because of old age.
    It is my last entry. You fighting for nothing. Whatever you and your friends do horrible things it is your own business and only God will judge you. I see nothing that can help you, but good wishes.

  58. Neighboooor, you are semi-good at looking up diagnosis and copying. Too bad you didn’t spend this much time looking up F.B.I., corruption, jail. If most people don’t beleive this board is doing decent job, why don’t they step down? What are they fighting for? Stop pulling the God-card. God loving people don’t steal,lie and cheat. Maybe USA should seek the help of snake-oil provided by the person on the board, who poses as a healer – with no degree! Being on the board is just his second ‘honest’ job

  59. Co-op owners all over, WAKE UP and get involved. You can lose your apartment. In 1994, the Seacrest Towers almost went bankrupt but were saved in the 24th hour. Their maintence was raised substantially. All co-op owners should watch not only their board,super and also the agents. Our board at 2800 just hired Cooper Square, which has change names numberous times from the original name Marving Gold. Although the company name changed, the people remain the same. Here’s a little history on Marvin Gold from 1999:Indicted were 21 corporations and 62 individuals ranging from managing agents, building superintendents, vendors, and contractors to board members, architects, engineers and the head of New York University’s maintenance department. The indictments were handed down in three phases. Those indicted earliest – Prism Management Ltd., Focus Real Estate Management, Inc., Taranto & Associates, and property managers Eric Dubbs, Scott Smith, Michael Wegielski and Mark Weinberger, and one super – allegedly defrauded a total of 31 New York City buildings through kickbacks from vendors and contractors. They are charged with felonies punishable by four to 15 years in prison.
    Due to the activisim of the owners at 2800 coyle st. you might be reading something similar again. Hopefully it will be soon. This type of corruption does not just affect one building. It’s just that people in this building have finally woken up. Watch you investment or it can be gone!

  60. Marvin Gold was part of the above indictment. The NY Times repored “According to the latest indictments, two of the largest management companies in the city — Marvin Gold Management and Elm Management Associates — functioned as criminal enterprises taking millions of dollars”

  61. Are you working for “USA”? How much she pay you!? Is she give you some money from cases? I now she make good money from suing everyone.
    I’m sure you want something $$$$ from 2800 Coyle street. I now “USA” have case with movie theater. How much she promise to pay you to settle this case $$$$$$$$$$$$? And please some idea which web site I can get more details. I really wants to discuss it…!
    I’m retired. I have nothing else to do. I really have fun to speak with you people!
    Not even go to bed without you – PEOPLE.

  62. eadvisor you just showed your mentality nothing but $$$$. You are one of the people advising the board on how to deplete reserve fund and cover it up. Just come up with some b/s work and put assessment for a lot of money to all shareholders. Make fools of them.What I said was true – just a google away. Did I hit a nerve? Was the last sentence made to make you sound illerite? You should have signed in as $advisor.I don’t even think you live here or you would know the integrety of board members and their families -want to go there?

  63. Of course! It is a big fun to speak with a paranormal person. You don’t be very aggressive even your friend/boss do not pay to you salary. I know her for many years. She is very greedy person, aspiring to receive it is more, insatiable in desire to get and be enriched in any way. I see it is your volunteer work. You don’t be disappointing. You will be proud to help old woman without any compensation.
    Have a Good night and nice nightmare with Marvin Gold and “USA” in major roles.

  64. Advisor, I only stated history, for co-op owners all over to be aware of. What happened in the past is good way not to repeat same mistake.I hear rumors and checked them. They are true- just google it. If your really a co-op owner, you would be concerned not upset . Talk about nightmeres- maybe you practice saying buuuuba cause you know its true and history repeats itself. I don’t know people as long as you but I pay large mortgage and want to keep my apartment. I just want fairness and not have board, super and agent steal my maintaince.Then just ask for more. Whats wrong with wanting to investigate? You using a lawsuit as smoke screen. If agent advised board properly there would be no lawsuit. What about the lawsuit for porter in this building who won lots of $ cause he was fired for no reason except he go against the board and supers illegal work?That is another reason all co-op owners all over have to watch agents and board. Co-op owners ALL OVER SPEAK UP!

  65. Dear, neighbor, (there is no such a word as “neighboor”), one word of advice is before touching a keyboard you must learn how to think and write at the same time, you are embarrassing the Russian intelligent and educated society.

  66. I suppose I’m a little late stepping into this, but I had hoped those involved would cut it out and start having a useful discussion. As that hasn’t happened, I’m now asking people on both sides of this issue to knock off the name-calling, slurs and finger-pointing. In many ways it highlights the problem discussed in the article – the totally personal attacks on both sides where they should be engaged in problem solving.

    So, if it continues I’ll be closing the comments on this post. Instead of making me do that, how about we change the tone of the comments and begin answering these questions:

    Where do the tenants and board go from here?
    What solutions to this problem can be offered that work for both sides?
    It appears both sides agree that there needs to be government oversight – how can they work together to make that point?
    Why don’t both sides pitch in and hire a third party mediator instead of constant returns to court?

  67. I think they go to Jail only after you & “USA”. Do you know what happens with person who lies? Do you know what is the correct term for a person who lies all the time? Of course, the term “pathological liar”. Seriously, it is “Mythomaniac”.
    You have great imagination. I think they go to Jail only after you & “USA”. You two will be first and then it will happen with all your happy team. Oh, You forgot about INTERPOL, KGB, CNN, CIA etc.

  68. I think you are one of the board members trying to defend himself. You have all been caught. Face it. Times up.

  69. Hi Ned,
    What would seem to make it fair, if two current board members step down replaced by opposing side. So there will be 4 members from their side and 4 members from our side. This will give an even balance. A forensic audit should be done on the year building lost a large reserve fund and over 600,000 dollars of co-op owned apartments were sold with no account of that money. This is not from current board, why are they objecting? Slight change in board members, full financial disclosure and audit. I dont think this should be a big deal and a solution to make every person secure there investment is and has been being watched carefully and,no large maintenance increase or assessment will come. No big deal, whats the objection?

  70. How can anyone say a hippopotamus is not cute when you look at a picture like this.
    A hippopotamus weigh anywhere from 3,300 to 7,000 pounds. They are about the same size as a big submarine. This particular gigantic hippopotamus resides at the 2800 Coyle Street.

  71. USA, Ned asked us to keep this post to come up with solutions and ideas. No more thow stones. lets try and get everyone to work together and agree. See my postd suggestions below. Maybe board wants to work for the betterment of building and will compromise. Well majority board what do you said willing to compromise?

  72. Ned someone is using USA to write the dispicable message as written using Hippopotomus as an insult to someone. They are using my psudonym to insult an innocent person. I wish Neighboor and Peace would stop with their nasty, uneducated behavior towards people that want to have an intellegent meaningful exchange of words that could possibly change the structure of cooping and the way Board members behave towards their neigbors.

  73. I have given suggestions how to make the building fair. There has not been response from the majority board to show they are willing to work to the betterment of the building. Its becomming more and more evident they are not a group that wants to work with anyone else. A secret socity. Now, what they do is use someone else's name to write negative comments. They have proved more of there tactics and cunningnes . But they claim because someone had a LEGAL lawsuit and won, she is dishonest? This is there objection to letting 2 people from the 51% of the building, who dont want them, on board. Again, it would be 4 and 4 a perfect balance. This is what we have to live with – for now.

  74. how? Who is going to replace the person that was taken off? Why doesnt one more person step down and let the other side place 2 people. Wouldn't that be fair?

  75. Marina, it is a pleasuer to communicate with someone that has intellegence. I agree with Ned that this blog should be soley for constructive ideas on how to make coop living a better place. So what we should do is not read the garbage that is written, ignor their comments and just communicate with the intellectual, kind spirted people. I own a coop at 2800 Coyle street and sublet it when I found out that our building has not profited since 2001. I also saw the Vice President and the Super running around the building doing many construction jobs that were illegal without permits for plumbing or electrical. This is dangerous, I was aware that many people had floods in the building because of these jobs, and was also afraid that fire could be caused and endanger lives. I was aware that neither the Super worked in the building at the job he was getting paid for, and many Shareholders complained of work not being done in their apartments as work orders. The Vice President had not worked at any legal business, he was only doing his business for himself in the building. I saw this myself, that he would run around the building with plaster all over himself and a red bandanner on his forehead. If this was not enough, we would get assessments to pay and fund their construction projects. So I decided to sublet. I also own a coop on Ocean Parkway, it is emaculatly clean, our lobby is beautiful newly renovated with ceramic tile, new intercom that speaks to you and shows who is ringing your bell. The exterior was newly renovated which looks asethically beautiful. Our maintenance was reduced twice, no assessments since I bought my apartment. The Shareholders get along well, because we are happy with the Board they are doing the right thing, they have experience in business and know about finances and how to manage our money. We are all happy with our living conditions, we don't even talk Board. This is the way your building is suppose to be like. It sounds like the Board at 2800 Coyle St. are opportunists. I believe that the whole Board should be replaced and that anyone that sat on the Board should never sit again, there has been to many losses of money, they seem to want too much control over peoples lives. Get rid of all of them, they must go as Ned suggests get a third party to come in and oversee your operation. You must do this, there must be some intervention on coop's there are too many nightmare stories, people pay high mortgage and maintenance for them to be subjected to this treatment. Keep going to council persons, senators, mayor and write stories about your heartaches and abuse of power. Keep writing, and tell your story all over the internet and coop magazines,neighborhood papers let Ned know what is happening so that he could write about it. Get help, seek help where ever you can. Good luck!

  76. I will tell you how and who replaced the person that was taken off the Board. They voted off a Konstantin Zhelnyakova, one week later the majority Board members still had the majority, instead of replacing Konstantin with another Shareholder, they replaced him back to the Board. This shows blatant Collusion. This action was Unorthodox, politically incorrect and disregard for our legal system. Cooper Square Management aka Arco Wentworth was also involved in this decision knowingly, that this action should have been Prohibited, but they went along with it. The master mind was the attorney for the building Karl Bikhman, located on East 17th. St. Bklyn. He too knew of these actions and advised them every step of the way. God Help Us ALL!

  77. I will tell you how and who replaced the person that was taken off the Board. They voted off a Konstantin Zhelnyakova, one week later the majority Board members still had the majority, instead of replacing Konstantin with another Shareholder, they replaced him back to the Board. This shows blatant Collusion. This action was Unorthodox, politically incorrect and disregard for our legal system. Cooper Square Management aka Arco Wentworth was also involved in this decision knowingly, that this action should have been Prohibited, but they went along with it. The master mind was the attorney for the building Karl Bikhman, located on East 17th. St. Bklyn. He too knew of these actions and advised them every step of the way. God Help Us ALL!

  78. How much greenhouse gases do humans emit compared to non-human nautural activities?
    When did humans begin using greenhouse gases? Also, if humans never created greenhouse gases and today was just an extension of the dark ages, would the global warming trend of the past 100-200 years still be occurring?

  79. I live there as an owner years ago and it is nice to see somethings never change. The best thing for this building is the demolition ball.

  80. Learn to speak english, you fucking russian dregs infest NYC like cancer, the best thing to do is kill the cancer and send you ruskee pieces of shit back to the 3rd world hole you came from.

  81. On Saturday Feb. 14, 2009 a sewage back up hit my 2nd floor apt. while I was on vacation. The Super does not live in 157 unit building. On Sunday Feb. 15, 2009 at 2:59pm Super broke into my apt. and stated to my daughter. There had been a 28 hour sewage back up. For 28 hours 5 Apts. above me flushed into my Apt.
    As of Feb. 24, 2011 the ruling board has done nothing.

  82. How long you will take building to court???How long we will spend money on lawyer??you Friend sue the building and make over $***k and she still want to be on board,you call 311 and make problems for building,just sell your shares and go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Shut up Marmer. Why don’t you sell your shares and go? and take your drug dealing son, and your secretary without a skirt or a brain cell. On the other hand, use your designed horizontal railings to jump off a 7th floor balcony. Then we definitely will call 311 about the obstruction

  84. Svetlana Marmer in apt. 210, You are sueing JASA an organization that is funded by the Dept. for the Aging. You stole from senior citizens your harrassed workers, stole food from the indigent you hipocrit. Your husband worked for the same organization and was fired and locked out with a dishonable discharge. What he did was fool old people that needed health care and assigned them to a company not of their choice so that your ugly husband can get a $50.00 fee for assigning them to his choice of health care and not of theirs. One old gentleman died of this result. Your son on the other hand is selling drugs from his apartment that you gave him and selling outside in front of the building as well. For the lawsuit you are commencing with for JASA you are paying the legal fees from the corporation’s reserve fund.. You also stole your husband from his first wife when you were cheating with him, he left his wife and abanded his children which made him a dead beat father. Your son’s wife after meeting took her child and ran to russia. You Whoa, theif,fraud and human waste.

  85. Svetlana Marmer in apt. 210, You are sueing JASA an organization that is funded by the Dept. for the Aging. You stole from senior citizens your harrassed workers, stole food from the indigent you hipocrit. Your husband worked for the same organization and was fired and locked out with a dishonable discharge. What he did was fool old people that needed health care and assigned them to a company not of their choice so that your ugly husband can get a $50.00 fee for assigning them to his choice of health care and not of theirs. One old gentleman died of this result. Your son on the other hand is selling drugs from his apartment that you gave him and selling outside in front of the building as well. For the lawsuit you are commencing with for JASA you are paying the legal fees from the corporation’s reserve fund.. You also stole your husband from his first wife when you were cheating with him, he left his wife and abanded his children which made him a dead beat father. Your son’s wife after meeting took her child and ran to russia. You Whoa, theif,fraud and human waste.

  86. Cooper Square Realty+Svetlana Marmer= 0 in the reserve account, assessments, maintenance increases, filthy building. Did I forget anything else?

  87. Svetlana Marmer,Guannadi Starchenko, Konstantin Zhelnyakov and Felix Zalavansky move from the building take your families with you. You four have made enough money from the hard working people in the building of 2800 Coyle Street. You hide all records that belong to the building, refuse shareholders to view documents which is a violation of the bylaws and black book you break every law in the building at you are running the building what a joke, shame on shareholders that voted you in. Now you brought in another theif on your Board Mr. Wasserman in apt. 415 and ownes 515 too he was working in the building doing illegal renovations with the then Vice President who was taking money from the reserve account and putting the money into the laundry account which they were taking that money to fund their illegal construction. Wasserman was part of that, we use to see him working with the VP and the Super in the building doing illegal construction with out permits and licenses’ nor did they have insurance, they have caused many apts to be ruined due to their illegal actions. Welcome Wasserman there is more news coming about your character and credabiltiy. Now you are Vice President, you too will be sued along with Marmer for aiding and abetting in what is going on in the building. Not only do you look like Hitler with your mustache but you act like Hitler, remember what happened to Hitler we will take you down too. Svetlana runs around the building like Bin Laden, she looks like him in a skirt, Remember Svetlana what America did to Bin Laden you too will go down. We also will take the rest of the Natzi clan with down with you. You nine fine, violate and abuse shareholders in the building these communist tactics must stop, this is a free country, we refuse to live under your dictatorship. Go all of you move out of the building, you are undesirable. Go Go Go Go.

  88. Why you attack the person who sued the building? Why not attack the person who caused the lawsuit? Could it be that person is your friend? Lawsuits can’t be started unless someone did something illegal, you can’t win unless you have evidence that you have been hurt by that person. Are you stupid? Stop using that excuse that the person whom won the legal action is wrong. You sound like a moron. I say horray for the one that won the lawsuit, there should be more people in the building that sues you, if they do they will win. Horray! Horray! Horray! for the friend that won. People that have grievience against you should sue you and win. Idiot, that is why we have courts and judges, but you wouldn’t know about legal, justice or honesty since you are not a true American. Only communist see things one way the wrong way like you. Go back where you came from, we will pay for your trip back home, since you don’t agree with the laws in this country. Maybe the friend that wants to be on the Board should be on the Board, the friend maybe will do the right thing, the freind seems to be intelligent enough to sue and win, you loser.

  89. Here it is February 2013 and nothing has changed. We just cannot get these people voted out because since their reign of terror began years ago. they’ve intimidated and promised retribution against anyone who votes against them. Estimates are that at least $100,000 in monthly maintenance or more is collected. If you come to look at our building there, there’s no way that the board spends $1.2 miilion to run the building. Most of the board doesn’t speak English very well as evidenced by Konstantin Zheleznyakov needing his daughter to translate.

    It’s apparent that the board members meet monthly with the management company that’s in cahoots with them, decide what bills they will pay and then split the remaining funds among themselves. Want proof? Within the last few years our President Sveltana Marmer admitted to a shareholder that both her apartment and her son’s is paid off (He uses the dryers in our laundry room to dry the pot he sells in plain sight in front of our building.) How does an elderly woman who hasn’t worked in years accomplish this? It’s a sure bet that the rest of the board members have done the same thing so that when they’ve rung the building dry of funds, they can abandon their apartments, slip out in the middle of the night and leave the bankrupt building to us.

    The building was in bad physical condition before Superstorm Sandy and is in even worse shape since. As a result of leaving a trail of unpaid bills, the board had difficulty finding a licensed electrician and plumber to get our electric turned on and or boiler repaired; word has spread among these trades people that we don’t pay our bills. Through the efforts of one shareholder who is in the trades, he got a licensed electrician and plumber to restore our utilities after about a week and a half.

    We had four feet of water on the first floor, six feet in the garage. Nothing has been done but basic clean-up in the first floor apartments. The garage remains untouched since the waters receded and yet the board has told anyone who doesn’t pay their garage fee that they will have their parking space given away. There’s been no examination for mold in the garage or first floor and it’s apparent the board has no plans nor money to have the first floor common areas dismantled, checked for mold and properly repaired. Yet if you look at the Lefrak building across the street and the privately owned condos on the corner where the Sheepshead Diner used to sit, both buildings have been properly repaired.

    I would advise anyone looking to move into our building to not do so. We have taken this board to court and are hoping that a ruling is made in our favor so we can oust them and then begin a criminal investigation and hopefully prosecution before they disappear in the middle of the night like the thieves they are.

  90. Still going on to this day in 2014. The board tells us there’s no money to fix the building (Even before Sandy hit us hard.). As I write this, there’s a crew installing the last 24 video cameras (Two on each floor) in addition to the previous 30+. That will bring the total to 50+.

    Where’s the money coming from for this work? Is it true that a board member’s son-in-law (Who recently moved into his father-in-law’s apt. with his wife and newborn.) is doing the installation? If so, that’s against the co-op by-laws which state that jobs have to bid on and nepotism is prohibited.

    Sadly when legal action has been attempted, the board allegedly uses the monthly maintenance they collect as their source of paying their lawyer(s). In addition, there’s no government body/agency that co-op and condo owners can turn to when their board is suspected of stealing.


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