2014 Park Slope Business Openings & Closings

2014 Park Slope Business Openings & Closings

It’s been another busy year for businesses coming to and heading out of Park Slope.

We thought for a minute it would be the year of the taco, but mostly it turned out to be a year of increased emptiness along 7th Avenue, and the loss of some longtime favorites — including Tea Lounge, Video Gallery, and Leaf & Bean.

But it wasn’t all downers — we gained lobster rolls, a brewery, and ice cream!

As you can see illustrated in the map above, the turnover was distributed along all of our major commercial streets, though 7th Avenue saw more businesses leave than open, and it’s about an even split for 5th Avenue. Not too surprisingly, growth along 4th Avenue was strongest, with fewer closures compared to openings — perhaps because rental prices remain lower on the growing strip — and it’s a similar scene on Flatbush Avenue, as the late-2012 opening of Barclays seems to have lured more businesses to the busy avenue.

Check out the full list and get more details at the links below on who we welcomed, and who we said goodbye to (and yes, some happened in the same year).

Shake Shack now open
Businesses Opened In 2014

2 Duck Goose, 400 4th Avenue

200 Dry Cleaners Outlet, 351 5th Avenue

A. Cheng, 466 Bergen Street (moved)

Altamira Workshop, 217 6th Avenue

Ample Hills Creamery, 305 Nevins Street

A’Putia, 179 5th Avenue

Artist & Craftsman Supply Store, 307 2nd Street

Aunt Patty D’s Gourmet Ices, 432 4th Avenue

Bella Gioia, 209 4th Avenue

La Belle Boutique, 43 5th Avenue

Bhoomki Home, 237 5th Avenue

Black Bear Sugarworks, 374 5th Avenue

Blok Hill, 103 7th Avenue

Bloomie Nail Salon, 435 5th Avenue

Brooklyn Hearth Realty, 43 5th Avenue

Burger Village, 222 7th Avenue

BYKlyn, 258 Flatbush Avenue

Calexico, 280 5th Avenue

The Chocolate Room, 51 5th Avenue (moved)

CKO Kickboxing, 102 Flatbush Avenue

Clear Choice Dental Group, 422 5th Avenue

Crepe Mix, 348 6th Street

Cusp, 321 7th Avenue

Dog Wash N’ Go, 447 1st Street

Doughnut Plant, 245 Flatbush Avenue

Eleven Consignment Boutique, 71 5th Avenue

Eric Shoes, 202 7th Avenue

European Wax Center, 199 7th Avenue

Facets, 435 9th Street

Four & Twenty Blackbirds, Central Library, 10 Grand Army Plaza

Graine de Paris, 272 Flatbush Avenue

El Gran Castillo De Jagua, 355 Flatbush Avenue (moved)

Hair Craft, 176 Lincoln Place

HIIT BK, 264 Flatbush Avenue

Hungry Ghost, 183 Sterling Place

Ivy Bakery at Root Hill Cafe, 262 4th Avenue

JuiceLand, 337 9th Street

Level2 Kids, 252 Flatbush Avenue (moved)

Lucky 13 Saloon, 644 Sackett Street (moved from 13th St)

Luke’s Lobster, 237 5th Avenue

Mathnasium, 361 5th Avenue

McMahon’s Public House, 39 5th Avenue

The Modern Chemist, 191 4th Avenue

Morbid Anatomy Museum, 424A 3rd Avenue

Mr. Lime Fruit & Vegetables, 313 7th Avenue

Nailbed, 317 Flatbush Avenue

Napoleon Pizza, 412 5th Avenue (is it closed now, btw?)

La Newkorkina, 808B Union Street

Numero 28 Pizza, 173 7th Avenue

Nunu Chocolates Cafe & Tap Room, 179 5th Avenue

Nuteria, 82 5th Avenue

O Live Brooklyn, 140 5th Avenue

Ocean Fish Market, 413 5th Avenue (moved from 7th Ave)

Om Gift Shop, 152 5th Avenue

Omni Beauty Salon, 152 5th Avenue

The Painted Pot, 200 7th Avenue (moved)

Parish Cocktail Bar & Lounge, 223 7th Avenue

Park Chemists, 164 5th Avenue

Park Optics, 337 5th Avenue

Park Slope Veterinary Care, 417 5th Avenue (moved)

Perfect Eyebrows Salon, 145 5th Avenue

Petrune, 233 5th Avenue

Pierre Loti, 78 5th Avenue

Pitas & Sticks, 321 9th Street

Pizza Superstar, 446B Dean Street

Pure Essentials, 234 5th Avenue

Rare Earth, 440 Bergen Street

Reedchy Nail Salon, 274 5th Avenue

RES Real Estate, 291 5th Avenue

The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club, 514 Union Street

Russo’s, 312 5th Avenue

School of Rock, 327 Douglass Street

Shake Shack, 170 Flatbush Avenue

Something Else, 187 5th Avenue

Subway, 423 5th Avenue (new management)

Taco Santo, 669 Union Street

Teaus, 86 5th Avenue

Threes Brewing, 333 Douglass Street

Tikka Grill, 54 7th Avenue

Two Boots, 284 5th Avenue

Ume Ume Music & Arts, 319 4th Avenue

Uncle Arthur’s Cafe, 237 9th Street

V Curated, 456 Bergen Street

Wangs, 671 Union Street

tea lounge closing
Businesses Closed In 2014

5th Avenue Bageltique, 242 5th Avenue

9st Laundrette Cleaners, 334 9th Street

Anthony’s on 4th, 400 4th Avenue

A.O.C. Bistro, 259 5th Avenue

Aperitivo, 279 5th Avenue

Atomic Wings, 321 9th Street

Back to Earth Food Market, 139 5th Avenue

Bank of America Home Loans, 138 7th Avenue

Boing Boing, 204 6th Avenue

Brooklyn Fish Camp, 162 5th Avenue

Butter Lane Cupcakes, 240 7th Avenue

Campo de’ Fiori, 187 5th Avenue

Canvas Cafe & Gallery, 348 6th Street

Chase, 290 Flatbush Avenue

Cheeburger Cheeburger, 222 7th Avenue

Chip Shop, 383 5th Avenue

City Sub, 450 Bergen Street (though we’re holding out hope)

Corner Burger, 381 5th Avenue

Cozbi, 351 5th Avenue

Crespella, 321 7th Avenue

Cycle Bar, 274 5th Avenue

Danny’s Electronics, 146 5th Avenue

E Lingerie by Enelra, 140 5th Avenue

Eidolon, 233 5th Avenue

Excelsior, 390 5th Avenue (moving soon, though!)

Fish & Sip, 216 Flatbush Avenue

Gamestop, 153 7th Avenue

Garfield Farm Market, 156 7th Avenue

Guvnor’s, 178 5th Avenue

Joe’s Pizza, 173 7th Avenue

Kim’s Grocery, 313 7th Avenue

Leaf & Bean, 176 Lincoln Place

Luscious Food, 59 5th Avenue

Marco’s, 295 Flatbush Avenue

McDonald’s, 275 4th Avenue

Met, 185 7th Avenue

M&S Prime Meats, 312 5th Avenue

Percy’s Pizza, 447 1st Street

Petrune, 233 5th Avenue

Prospect Perk, 183 Sterling Place

Rare Earth, 440 Bergen Street

Razor, 329 5th Avenue

Rivet, 103 7th Avenue

Sanskriti, 54 7th Avenue

‘sNice, 315 5th Avenue

Spectacles, 107A 7th Avenue

Stitch Therapy, 180 Lincoln Place

Subway, 83 7th Avenue

Subway, 423 5th Avenue

Tea Lounge, 837 Union Street

Terroir, 284 5th Avenue

Trois Pommes Patisserie, 260 5th Avenue

Two Moon Art House & Cafe, 315 4th Avenue

Uncle Arthur’s Cafe, 237 9th Street

Video Gallery, 316 7th Avenue

The Walk-In Cookbook, 72 7th Avenue

YogurBerry, 77 5th Avenue

To see what places opened and closed in 2014 below 9th Street, check out the list on South Slope News.

Anything we forgot? Anyplace you’re loving, or anyplace you miss more than others? Share your thoughts in the comments below! And if you notice any comings or goings in 2015, let us know at editor@bklyner.com.


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