20 Things To Do With The Kids On A Snowy Day

20 Things To Do With The Kids On A Snowy Day
Photo by Omri
Photo by Omri

The snow has arrived — the first real storm of the year!

That means most parents are wondering how on earth they’ll entertain those stir-crazy kids for a full 24 hours. Zoning out in front of the TV all day is just not an option when you are 7 and running on sugar. And they’re “sooo boooored.”

We’ve rounded up a handy list of exciting outdoor, indoor, and educational snow day activities – think real snow cones and stove-top s’mores – that are bound to keep the little people in your lives busy all day (and may even be fun for grownups, too!).

1. Outdoor Fun

2. Indoor Crafts

3. Get Cozy

4. Snow Day Science

Got a favorite snow day activity? Share it in the comments!


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