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18th Avenue Feast Kicks Off Today, Lasts Until August 31!

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Enough of the hand-wringing: the Festa di Santa Rosalia is here!

Affectionately known as the 18th Avenue Feast, the 10-day event kicks off today at 5:00 p.m. It begins with a procession at 18th Avenue and 72nd Street, following mass at Santa Rosalia Church (6301 14th Avenue).

The 10-day festival, now in its 37th year, packs 18th Avenue from 67th Street to 75th Street with food, music, vendors and amusement. On weekdays, it runs from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Weekends get an earlier start, running from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

The event honors the patron saint of Palermo, Sicily, where their own Festa has been celebrated continuously since 1624. Organizers of the Bensonhurst event say it’s the larges Italian-American festival in Brooklyn.

For the first time in its nearly four decade history, the 18th Avenue Feast organizers¬†sought a change in date. Always kicking off on the third Thursday in August, organizers hoped to bump it up one week to help address neighbors’ concerns about trash. The mayor’s office, however, issued a last minute denial to their application, forcing organizers to keep to their traditional date.

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  1. They should cut it down to 7 days… 10 days is too damn long, after a week no one goes anyway, and it ruins parking for the surrounding areas.

  2. They should do away with it altogether. It’s smelly, dirty and way too expensive. Plus I really hate fighting outsiders for a spot on my own block. And cleaning up whatever mess they leave in front of my house.

  3. I hate the feast. I hate the drunks running up and down the blocks until well after midnight. I hate the greasy haze in the air. I hate the smell of the filthy fry oil for days on end. I hate the streets coated in dirty oil for weeks. It’s disgusting for those of us who live there and have to put up with this filth.

  4. you should be ashamed of yourselves bashing this feast. this is a wonderful neighborhood tradition that has been going on since i was a child. the memories of great times with family and friends walking past the games, winning prizes, sneaking a sip of someone’s beer, having a sausage & peppers hero and some zeppolies….mmmm what’s changed? most of the Italians have moved out of the area and now the other ethnic groups don’t want it…this reminds me of how when the condos went up in sheepshead bay they didn’t want the smelly fishing boats there…..seriously? if you don’t like it, move!

  5. its a fun neighborhood activity as Lou said. Seems some neighbors complains cause they’re party poopers!!!

  6. stupid feast. they made tons of garbage in front of my store and never clean them. DSNY just gave me ticket. shit.


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