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18th Avenue To Lose Trash Cans

from Brooklyn Media Group (photo by Denise Romano)

According to the Home Reporter, the Department of Sanitation has approved a one month pilot program to remove trash bins from 18th Avenue between Bay Ridge Parkway and 65th Street. The program was in response to complaints of overflowing receptacles being improperly used to dispose of household garbage.

A similar program for 4th Avenue in Bay Ridge is expected to end this month. It had mixed results, with some residents complaining of increased litter on the sidewalks.

Similarly, many in Bensonhurst are already expressing doubts about the effect the program will have on litter along this stretch of 18th Avenue.

From the Home Reporter:

“That will not stop them, they are just going to throw it in the street,” said Richard Marinello, a lifelong resident of Bensonhurst. “There is going to be even more garbage now – you better believe it.”

Mohamad Ibrahim, 19, who works at one of the stores on 18th Avenue, agreed. “It’s going to be crazy with no cans,” he said. “They should not take them away. People are still going to throw their stuff in the street.”

Diane Desimone, a neighborhood resident, also said there would be more of a mess. “Garbage is going to definitely be thrown in the street, regardless of if the cans are there are not,” she opined.

Only one person quoted in the article seemed to like the idea.

Emma Lucido had a more optimistic outlook. “If there is no can there, they should not throw anything away,” she told the Home Reporter. “It might help – I am hopeful.”

What do you think? Will this prevent household trash from cluttering up our streets? Or will it just encourage more litter, placing a higher burden on store owners and residents?

Home Reporter: Trash can removal pilot program approved for 18th Avenue

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  1. I agree with LuLu. Sanitation should be working on increasing cans & pickups in both Bensonhurst & Sheepshead Bay. Step up ticketing for household garbage when the owner of the garbage can be identified…not just ticketing the shop owner the can is in front of. Once culprits get a few tickets you will see a decrease in incidents of household garbage in & around public cans.

  2. Yes, please more ticketing for litterers! My husband and I just caught one of our neighbors dumping his trash in front of our house. Earlier the same day someone dumped a table. This is a growing problem that needs to be addressed.

  3. That’s actually illegal, more illegal then littering. Gather video evidence and submit it to a rep from the sanitation department or local police precinct and they should get fined.

  4. Where do the people that live over the stores keep their garbage cans?
    I agree with the suggestion of more pick-ups. The people that are going to dump will dump anywhere. When they walk up the block to the Avenue with their garbage, trust me, they will not take it to the subway.
    Should be some sight on 18th Ave. when it is Festival time.


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