1702 Newkirk Avenue & 615 East 17th Street Renderings

Rendering of 1702 Newkirk Avenue via Bizdesigns

DITMAS PARK – The corner of Newkirk Avenue and East 17th street is about to exchange a  two-family Victorian for a 12 unit modern apartment building.

The permits were approved at the end of last year for both the new building as well as full demolition of the one that has occupied that corner for the last 100 years.

The new six-story building will offer 11,542 square feet of residences, divided among 12 units and certainly looks better than its current neighbors. It will be 70 feet high, and will not be set back the way the building immediately to the left of it on Newkirk Avenue, but follow the line of the building to the left of that one. Bizdesigns are listed as the architects for the project.

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Zoning calls for a minimum of six parking spaces, which they have proposed to include at the back of the building, introducing a concrete driveway between the two apartment buildings on Newkirk. It looks like there will be balconies and about 400 square feet of rooftop space, affording the new neighbors lovely views over the historic Ditmas Park.

The project is proposing to save three and plant one new street tree. The building is being built as of right and did not require special approval.

Just a few doors down on the same block at 615 East 17th street, a 3 story building is doubling in size.

Permits were approved for adding 3 more floors, and turning this into a 16 unit residential building:

From the renderings, it looks like they are adding an elevator, but no architectural details are provided to see what it would look like. There will be storage in the basement for 8 bicycles, and they will plant 2 street trees.

Our guess is, once these changes start taking place it will only be a matter of time before more of this block will be reaching for the sky. Given the width of East 17th street, and its proximity to public transportation at Newkirk Plaza with its local and express trains, more housing is certainly welcome.

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  1. A professor of mine remarked ad nauseum, “you get what you zone for,” and since the blocks between Newkirk and Foster are zoned R7A, no one should be surprised to see taller, bulkier buildings there. But damn, can we get some developers who are willing to spend a little more on architecture?

  2. We on 17th have been watching what has been going on for quite some time. The housing stock is not changing for quite some time. Two questions: When did territory between Foster and Newkirk become Ditmas Park. and secondly who is collecting cash for filming movies?

  3. “More of the block will be reaching for the sky” is appalling
    Isn’t there enough construction in our neighborhood? Enough congestion? Taking down another 100 year old Victorian is an “improvement?” You have lost me as a potential subscriber, and you will be spammed..

  4. Uh, Stephen, have you ever heard the phrase, “Don’t blame the messenger?” Reporting that something is happening is not the same as advocating for it.

  5. I guess its better to make millions on the new, in demand structure rather than putting several million to refurbish and repair a 100 year house.

  6. The house replaced by the new building at 1702 was in disrepair. It was an eyesore. Happy to see the new building replace it.

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