12 Wacky Effects of Daylight Saving

12 Wacky Effects of Daylight Saving

Happy first Monday of the daylight saving. Yeah, we’re having a rough morning, too.

The National Sleep Council, a nonprofit organization funded by the mattress industry, released the results of their February 2013 survey, which looked at the effects of our yearly spring forward.

There were, of course, the boring statistics that you expect to find in such a study, such as 61% of Americans saying that they feel the effect of daylight saving on Monday, or that 39% admit to being a bit moody.

No big shocker there. Here’s where the magic happens, though. The group put together a list of the top 12 “peculiar” responses people had to the losing that precious hour of sleep. And you thought your morning was bad:

Got in shower with underwear on. (Perhaps the washing machine was down?)
Thought about the unthinkable. (Moving to Queens?)
Put soap in the baby bottle. (Seriously?)
Went to the ATM to order food. (They’ve been watching the Jetsons.)
Stepped on a cat. (Who later peed on their favorite chair.)
Walked into wrong bathroom. (Sure…that was just an “accident”)
Told off-color jokes. (Let’s be real. Daylight saving had nothing to do with that.)
Went to work on a day off. (Brownnoser.)
Made the coffee wrong. (Get a Keurig.)
Wore slippers outside. (Don’t be a hater.)
Put clothes on inside-out. (It’s the latest trend in Milan.)
Put paycheck in garbage. (Time for direct deposit.)

Any of these sound familiar? What’s the most bizarre thing you’ve ever done because of sleep deprivation?


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